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Charity- Who can you trust?

As a blogger, I receive countless emails from different organizations that are seeking funding, donations, and advertisement for their charities. Due to my past experiences I am unable to trust that any of these causes are truly worthy of my readers donations or my own, no matter how worthy the cause may sound.

For as long as I can remember I have been a dog lover and have worked with animals most of my life. I have always enjoyed movies, shows, and songs that talk about dogs as well as have a higher opinion of people who have a dog.
Sometimes when I have a first impression of someone that is not so favorable but then I meet their dog, that usually makes my opinion of them more favorable.
My love of dogs has shaped my life and in many ways it is responsible for who I am today. My first real job that lasted more than a couple of days was at a pet store. I was so excited to be able to work with animals and if I didn’t have to deal with customers it would have been my dream job. I was responsible for medicating and cleaning up after the animals. This experience had led me to another job many years later where I was a vet tech and an animal rescue coordinator and in between I had been a dog groomer as well.
Like I said, I worked with animals most of my life and during that time I have experienced true horror stories of what humans are capable of doing to these innocent creatures. I have seen the aftermath of animal abuse as well as the beating of animals firsthand. I have stopped it on occasion and have had to learn to deal with it in others.
More times than I can count, I have raised money for animals and have actually been responsible for them getting out alive from situations where they would have otherwise been killed upon arrival. I know the need for charity as there were many instances where I have raised funds to help save a sick dog that was deemed hopeless by others and the donations are what made it possible due to medical costs and transportation fees.
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Like many of you, I have also seen the other side of “charity”.
I have witnessed people donating to a cause they think is worthy of their money only to have their goodwill donation used for the “volunteer” raising the money’s personal gain. This happens so often that most of us are wary of donating and we hesitate at the thought of giving our money to anyone.
Without actually working with the charity it is impossible for me to trust anymore but I do know that there are worthy causes out there and I would like to know your experiences with charity. How do you determine if they are legit and if the money is indeed going to the cause you feel so passionately about? What charities do you donate to and how do determine their legitimacy ?

ellen beck

Saturday 28th of April 2018

When I am able to give, I give my time and volunteer. If I am giving money it stays local. I dont give to national charities as most goes to the promoing of it with salaried employees. I ry and give where it does the most ood.

Mike B

Thursday 17th of August 2017

I am a firm believer that most charities are fraudulent in one respect or another...not all ...but most...the problem is the human aspect of greed will worm its way in almost anywhere. I have , in the past years , given money to certain charities and once I did , the requests for more , or the information sharing to other "charities" led to more requests . I will give a $5 dollar bill to the homeless guy at Wal-Mart even though I'm pretty sure most of them are not exactly on the level , or the person at the traffic light ... some people question me and say "you know he is just going to buy drugs or alcohol with that money " and my response is always the same...that's on them , I am blessed enough to be able to part with a few bucks from time to time and if that person uses that money for food or alcohol it is of no consequence to me . I am not his or her keeper ... I can only offer what they ask and hope they use it wisely. I have seen first hand the condominiums and luxury cars of the executives from non-profit or charity organizations , so I do question their ethics always.

David Elliott

Thursday 17th of August 2017

I think that I am with you. I have a hard time donating directly to charities without knowing what they are doing with the money specifically and being involved in that aspect. I have donated time and energy to certain causes personally. And I have done some giving to homeless, but always with the idea that I was providing tangible stuff, not cash.

Karlyn Cruz

Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Oh and I've seen churches take advantage of people this way as well. It's really sad that our kindness and good nature can be taken advantage of. On the other hand, it does really make things quite bad for those who are truly trying to do the right thing. One bad seed can mess up a whole garden it seems.

Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen

Wednesday 16th of August 2017

There are so many charities that do good, but unfortunately, so many keep a large portion of the proceeds for themselves. I've been burned so many times on giving to charitable organizations that I no longer donate. It's not that I don't want to but because I never really know where the funds are going.