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Clean Green Drink


Whenever I think about juicing the first thing that comes to mind is the quintessential Green Juice. Everyone that is on a juicing cleanse has come up with their own green juice and now I have mine. I call it the Clean Green Drink.

The reason for the name is because all of the ingredients come together to not only add tons of nutrients but these power foods will help clean out my body with their detoxifying properties.

Kale is full of fiber and sulfur, which are great for detoxifying your liver and the rest of your body. Celery and ginger root both have anti-inflammatory properties that will help with digestion and decrease inflammation in your body.

Apples and Pears have tons of nutritional benefits which makes them a great addition to any diet but I added them to my drink mainly for the flavor.


Clean Green Drink




Saturday 21st of February 2015

Melissa his sounds like my kind of drink! The perfect mix of fruit and veg. Thanks for sharing!


Thursday 22nd of January 2015

I don't know why, but I can't bring myself to drink these green drinks or smoothies! I want to try them, but I don't! There's just something about drinking veggies that doesn't appeal to me. But you've added some nice fruits in this one... did you find the taste really appealing? I may just HAVE to finally give in.


Thursday 22nd of January 2015

Some of the drinks are a real bitter taste because of the vegetables. I find that kale makes a drink really hard to put down unless you add the right fruits to counter act the taste. I personally like the taste of most of the juices I have tried but if I post a recipe for a juice that isn't so tasty I am honest about it. Some of them are like taking medicine, it doesn't taste great but it does wonders for our health so it's worth the terrible flavor! lol