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Play Day or Night with the Clydo Football

This is a sponsored post and I have received a Clydo football in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, as usual. 

One of my favorite memories from my childhood was playing football with the family. Every Thanksgiving we would get together with cousins, uncles, random people who showed up for a free meal and throw the football around.

We usually started playing early in the day when the sun was out, just throwing the ball around. When dinner was done, we would all make our way inside and fill up on my Aunt Brenda’s cooking. She was usually the one who would prepare Thanksgiving meals for the whole family, lucky for us, she is an excellent cook.

After we filled up on dinner and sat around the table for a bit, trying to digest the large meal we had just consumed, we would head back outside to play a full game. 

By the time we picked the teams, set up the endzones, and started the game, it was almost too dark to see the ball. We didn’t let that stop us and did what we could to keep the game going. There was usually a roaring fire and a few porch lights to give us a little bit of light for playing but the game usually ended before any of us wanted it to.

It can be difficult to catch something you can’t see and despite our best efforts at lighting up the playing field, we usually lost the ball a few times before eventually calling it quits. 

As a kid who looked forward to this annual game of family football all year long, I always wanted to continue the game and had a hard time accepting that the game was over. This was my yearly chance to tackle my sister without getting in trouble and to prove to the guys that I could throw a spiral just as good as they could.

When the game ended, I knew it would be another year before we would all get together to play again. I often wished there was a way that we could continue playing and still see the ball, even in the dark. 

Thanks to Clydo, my wish has come true and now the game never has to end! 

Clydo is an easy-to-catch foam football that allows the game to continue, no matter how late it gets. The ultra-bright light stick is visible up to 100 yards.

The batteries inside are replaceable so you can use the light stick again and again without having to deal with disposable glow sticks. The batteries fit inside the foam football and are easily inserted into the premade holes. This makes your football ultra-bright and visible up to 100 yards! 

Clydo is the perfect football to bring to family get-togethers that run a little late and you will definitely want to bring it on your next camping adventure. This is one of those genius inventions that make me think, why didn’t I think of that? 

When I read the story of how Clydo was invented, I knew I had to check it out. The inventor, Carson Smith created this ball when finding himself in a similar situation as I did as a kid. The inspiration for this product struck when the inventor was camping with his family and playing a game of catch. When the sun went down and the football was too hard to see for the game to continue, Carson went into McGyver mode. 

Armed with light sticks and a power drill, he put a few holes into the foam football he had with him and put a light stick inside. This seems like something I should have thought of doing each and every Thanksgiving when the game ended. Even though I didn’t think of it, I am glad someone did because this is my new favorite toy.

Now that the weather is warming up and families are starting to think about camping trips or spending time outside, it’s time to get Clydo.

Be the first family to show up at your campsite with the football that allows you to play anywhere and anytime. Pick up a Clydo by clicking here to see where you can get one in your area. Get one for the Easter basket or grab one so you have it whenever you get the chance to play. 

Be sure to enter below for your chance to win this easy-to-catch, light-up football. Two lucky winners will receive a Clydo football by entering the giveaway.

Share this with your friends on social media so they can enter to win too.

All you need is one ball and a few friends to play with, so the more people that enter, the better chance you have of getting your hands on this cool new toy.  
Clydo Football with Light Stick

Amanda Whitley

Monday 29th of March 2021

this would make a great easter basket filler for my boys and so fun to play.

Judy Rittenhouse

Monday 29th of March 2021

Awesome football! Looks like fun!

Teresa Kunberger

Monday 29th of March 2021

My boys would be crazy about this football and lights thats a mega win~!

Jill B.

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

My boyfriend and dog would love this in the backyard!!

Jamie L Grimes

Saturday 20th of March 2021

This would be so awesome for the long summer nights.