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How to Bring Country Farmhouse Style Into Your Kitchen on a Budget

There is something so cozy and inviting about a Farmhouse Kitchen, even when that farmhouse kitchen is surrounded by a city, far away from the country it seems to belong in. Maybe that is what the biggest appeal about farmhouse style is to me, it reminds me of the ultimate dream, living on a farm.

Although we have been saving money to get our own acreage someday, I don’t want to wait to experience the farmhouse style in my own kitchen. I also don’t want to pour all of my money into a new look for my home so I have found a way to add the Farmhouse charm to my kitchen on a budget, and I am excited to share how I did it.

Farmhouse Kitchen



Using classic tones when painting your space can help you keep the cost down. It seems that you can pick up a good farmhouse paint color from every brand, no matter what your budget is. Sticking with grays, blues, greens, creams, and rustic colors that offer a slightly vintage look will set a country backdrop perfect for your Farmhouse Decor. 

Farmhouse Kitchen


Wood offers a cozy, natural feel to your home along with a charming warm touch in every form. Age-worn finishes are especially popular in farmhouse decorating and every piece of wooden furniture can get a farmhouse facelift with a coat of chalk paint or a simple antique white.


I have an affinity for cheese graters, it’s a practical obsession because I find myself grating cheese often enough to use each one of them but it’s not exactly a common collectible. Practicality is part of the farmhouse style and using items that serve a purpose as decorations in your kitchen is a simple way to add in some farmhouse charm.

Farmhouse Kitchen

I was recently sent over some items from Precious Moments to review, and they allowed me to add a few touches of farmhouse style to my kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen

This is a great way to get the look without spending a fortune, pick up the Ceramic Pitcher or Utensil Holder, the Inspirational Kitchen Set—Potholder, Oven Mitt and Wooden Spoon , and the Bamboo Kitchen Trivet to add in a charming touch of Farmhouse style while on a budget.

Farmhouse Kitchen

The Precious Moments Eat Well, Pray Often, Love Always collection is available on If you click one of these affiliate links below to purchase the items, I will receive a small portion of the sale at no additional cost to you.

Pick up these cute items below to give your kitchen the Farmhouse look while on a budget. Add in a few cheese graters and slap a layer of chalk paint on an old console table to really bring the farmhouse look into your kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Do you like the Farmhouse Kitchen look or are you in favor of a more modern decor? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

Tamra Phelps

Tuesday 13th of November 2018

I really like the farmhouse look in the kitchen. The only part of it that I don't care for is the 'distressed' look on cabinets and furniture.