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Couples Working Together & How they Make it Work

This post highlights three couples who have mastered working together and is sponsored by Avon.

My husband and I have always enjoyed working together on projects around the house and have even done a few side jobs over the years where we were able to make a little extra money. We often fantasize about having the ability to make a living this way, working together. 

This would mean more time together and a lot more in common with each other. At the end of a work day you are able to discuss the days events with someone who understands. While having someone to bounce ideas off of can be nice, it may cause an overload as it would be hard to make a clean break at the end of each day since your work partner is at home with you.

Working Together can be a difficult thing for couples to manage but these couples have figured out how to make their business and personal relationships thrive.

Melissa and David Owens met at their local church youth group, were engaged on Valentine’s Day and are celebrating 29 years of marriage this year.

They believe Avon fuels their relationship as they work together as a couple. After 21 years into their business they currently lead a team of over 150 representatives all over the country.

I asked how they balance a happy marriage as well as built and run their own successful business all at the same time.

First you have to have a spouse/partner that wants to be in business. Being in business isn’t for everyone. There are some people who would like to work for someone else for the rest of their life. With that being said, I  think it’s easier because you have the same goals.

Although it can be hard because you are spending so much time together, you just have to give and take, but you are a team with the same goals in mind.

Angelique and Louis Agee have been married 19 years and Angelique is celebrating 23 years with Avon, February 1st. A business Louis joined her after he got laid off.

He saw in the four years before he married Angelique that Avon was part of the deal. He learned that it also gave them financial independence and later the flexibility they needed when he lost his job.

Together, they have built a team that is their family.

Angelique & Louis have a great outlook on how they balance a healthy relationship and manage to run a business at the same time.

The flexibility that a home based business provides makes it easy to integrate into our daily lives.  We both LOVE to travel and have worked our way to a business  status where we have the opportunity to earn trips. We are working but also enjoying new places and cultures.

Louis helps me with whatever I ask. When we work together there is more free time to BE together.  We work hard now so that we won’t have to work as hard later on. This business had been a blessing and has helped us both to strengthen our ministry to help and serve others.

Carlos and Milagros Garcia are not the Avon lady you are used to. Carlos previously worked as a Military Engineer and now he is a part-time firefighter and full-time beauty boss, fully believing in the goals and dreams of his wife.

Together they now have an empire, leading 700 Avon representatives.

When asked how they manage to make their relationship thrive while working together, this is what Milagros & Carlos said.

We spend more time with each other. We have gotten to know each other more because we work together. We schedule brainstorming sessions weekly while having a nice dream big date at a fancy restaurant. It allows us to continue to dream big.

Do you think working together with your spouse would strengthen your relationship? Let me know your thoughts and experiences by leaving a comment below.

Linda Kinsman

Wednesday 15th of February 2017

I love seeing these couples make working tigether work. My husband and I do diy projects together, but for now, Avon is my gig and custom woodwork/carpentry is his. I don't discount all the help and emotional support he provides me so that I'm able to build my business though.


Tuesday 14th of February 2017

I love working on home projects with my husband. I am not sure I could work with him otherwise, we butt heads too much sometimes! Although I would love to help him on some of his crazy projects.


Tuesday 14th of February 2017

I love doing crazy projects with my husband too!


Sunday 12th of February 2017

I think it can be great, but at other times not so much. I've worked with my husband before. He works up at a lot of flea markets selling stuff, so it's easy for me to jump in and help it out sometimes. I think it can be a great thing to work with your spouse.


Tuesday 14th of February 2017

That sounds fun! I would love to work full time with my husband.


Sunday 12th of February 2017

These are very inspirational stories! I love working with my husband, and we are always complementing each other. It is not easy to do, but possible. I have a lot of examples, and I think most of the time, it is more likely to work than not, especially if the business is being successful.


Tuesday 14th of February 2017

Yes! I would love to work with my husband full time.


Sunday 12th of February 2017

My husband has worked at home for the past 25 years so I feel like we have worked together for years. We get along well and we work together well.


Tuesday 14th of February 2017

That's awesome! You are living the dream!