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Simple Solutions to Create Cozy Christmas Seating

Tis the Season to decorate with bright red colors, lots of lights, and maybe a few too many Christmas decorations. It can be really easy to go overboard when decorating for the holidays but in my opinion, the more decor you have, the cozier your space becomes.

Implement these simples solutions to create a Cozy Christmas seating area in your home for the holidays.

Enjoy the space with a Christmas movie or enjoy a cup of cocoa by the tree.

The simplest way to create cozy Christmas seating is to add a couple of festive pillows. I picked these Naughty or Nice throw pillows up from Wayfair, they have quite a selection to choose from here. 

I am a frequent shopper on the Wayfair site, the chairs pictured here are also from Wayfair, and so is the lighted Christmas centerpiece at the bottom of the table.

Another simple solution to creating a nice Cozy Christmas Seating area is adding a tray filled with holiday goodies.

Hot Chocolate and cookies for Santa or a couple of mugs of eggnog to sip while watching your favorite holiday movie are a great touch.

Baking gingerbread men for Santa or making some hot cocoa can add a nice Christmasy scent to your home and then you get to enjoy it in your cozy Christmas nook when done.

Having a platter of cookies and a pot of hot cocoa on hand to offer guests that stop by is a great way to bring others into the holiday spirit as well. Who can turn down a cup of hot cocoa and a freshly baked cookie this time of year? Not Santa!

Although my daughter has stopped leaving cookies out for Santa she still does enjoy lounging in her favorite pajamas and helping herself to the cookies. I don’t know if I could even dream up a more cozy image than this one, this kid is living the dream.

No wonder she loves this time of year so much.

She gets to give us a list of things she wants and we not only go out and buy these things she demands but we wrap them up perfectly before presenting them to her. Everyone is baking cookies or giving out chocolate it seems and schooldays turn into holiday parties with lots of movies instead of the usual schoolwork.

Ah, to be a kid at Christmas time, it really is the most wonderful time of the year for them and it doesn’t take much to get them into the Christmas spirit.

As an adult, some Christmases seem to get me more excited than others but all it really takes is a nice, cozy Christmas seating area to encourage me to enjoy the holiday season.

I most enjoy our cozy Christmas seating while looking at our Christmas tree, the lights always put me in the Christmas spirit.

It really is the little touches that make your home cozier, adding some poinsettias and red ribbon to a set of candles can transform the ordinary items in your home, making them the perfect Christmas decor.

Elevating your candles with a cake platter is another way to upcycle an ordinary item and transform it into a cute Christmas display perfect for your cozy Christmas seating area.

Wayfair has made creating a cozy Christmas seating area simple and my home feels more festive with each addition. What is your favorite way to add a little holiday cheer to your space?