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Create an Outdoor Oasis on a Budget

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After a long Winter in Iowa, I have decided to enjoy my space as much as possible while the weather is warm without spending a ton of cash.

While using some items I had already around my home and a few important purchases I decided to Create an Outdoor Oasis on a Budget!

Last year, a Tornado hit my area and I lost all of my plants and part of my house. After rebuilding the porch and replacing some items we were able to get our backyard back to normal. This is what my porch looked like after the long Winter.

Patio reams Before

It was basically a storage space where we kept our garbage cans, pots that made it through the storm, a few chairs that missed the falling trees, and random items that ended up on the patio due to a very curious puppy that gets into everything!

As the weather warmed up and we spent more time outside I realized this area needed a makeover big time! With my new puppy Brojo running around eating every plant in site I also realized if I was going to attempt another garden this year it would need to be in pots.

pation dreams2

The most important part of creating an Outdoor Oasis for your family to enjoy is having plenty of comfortable seating.


Adding a few throw pillows to the chairs is a great way to add a pop of color and make the seating more inviting. I used a few pillows I had from inside my home but I will need to bring these in at the end of the day.

If you want pillows that can stay outside, purchase outdoor pillows that will withstand the weather throughout the season like this Corona Decor Outdoor Living Pillow from Outdoor Living PillowWhen creating an Outdoor Oasis, or any space on a budget, you need to decide which area you would like to save on and which area you can splurge on. I saved by using the indoor pillows but am thinking of a little splurge by purchasing an outdoor rug to cover the floor of my patio.

Now for the decorations and plants, my favorite part!

patio dreams7

I arranged the plants according to size, making the most use of my patio space. I added fruit and vegetable plants to some of the larger pots and scattered pots filled with flowers throughout the space.


I made use of all of the garden decorations that I didn’t want Brojo to destroy and instead of putting them away until he gets old enough to know better, I used them to brighten up the area of potted plants. I also added flameless candles to the area for a beautiful sight at night time.

Outdoor Oasis

Using part of the tree branch that fell on my home, we cut pieces perfect for holding candles and lighting up the space.


We also made use of the extra-long and wide stairs by using the space for our larger pots. Since we have a railing attached to the area,  planting cucumber plants that will eventually grow vines and need something to climb was a great way to make use of that space.

I look forward to the growth of my plants and am excited to show you all of the results at the end of the season but for now, I can relax and enjoy my own Outdoor Oasis.

I hope my money-saving tips and tricks have helped inspire you to create your own Outdoor Oasis.