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Decorating & Organizing a Girls Room

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When my daughter was little it was so easy to keep her room organized and decorated.  Now that she is older it has been a struggle to keep it presentable let alone organized. Decorating & organizing

As a mom, I am thrilled that she loves to read but when it comes to storage, we have had some problems finding places to put all of these books.



We bought her a headboard with shelves and we have several book cases throughout her room but we still ran out of places to keep them all.

I had to get creative with the space and make all of her furniture serve multiple purposes like her headboard.I brought in a mini sofa that offers storage inside and placed bins underneath for even more storage.

couch area

The bins make a great place to store books especially when you have a space to slide them underneath. I like keeping things out of sight when possible because it opens up the floor space and makes the room more visually appealing.

My daughter also has a large collection of stuffed animals. Finding places to store all of her furry friends required thinking outside the box and re purposing a few things.


An ottoman with storage inside is a great way to keep down the clutter. I was able to get about 30 of the stuffed animals in there and clear off some of the other spaces.


Another source of clutter that I wanted to tackle while organizing and decorating was her desk. She has pencils, pens, markers, and notebooks everywhere. I always wonder how she can focus and get her work done with this much stuff cluttering her space.

I used a desk organizer to store some of the notebooks as well as the markers, pens, and pencils. It’s a great way to make thing easily accessible so they can be placed back easily when not in use.


I still had quite a bit of stuffed animals to find homes for so I decided to make use of space that is usually forgotten about.


I used a shoe organizer that hangs from the door, this would have been dead space but now it serves as storage.

Vanity 1

I moved her nightstand to an open space on the wall and hung a mirror above it. This serves as a great place to get ready in the morning before school and the drawer allows her to store all of her hair products.


I hung a curtain over her closet to hide all of the games, toys, and other random things we have stored in bins on the shelf. It’s really easy to tie the curtains open when you need to access the clothes and close the curtains when you want to hide a messy closet.

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Sunday 20th of September 2015

Lots of storage areas are needed for any child's bedroom since they have all sorts of things that they need while growing up. I remember our room before was also very colorful. Our parents posted the letters of the alphabet and the basic numbers on the wall to help us memorize and learn faster.


Sunday 20th of September 2015

I love how colorful her room is. I made the mistake of making my daughter's room all pink and now she hates the color with a passion years later. It seems she would've prefer a more variety of colors.

Deshawn Keiner

Friday 18th of September 2015

Your daughter's room is beautiful. I love the idea of the headboard that holds books. My kids all have a lot of books and I often struggle to find a place to NEATLY organize them (NEATLY)


Friday 18th of September 2015

What a lovely room. I think with girls, you will always run out of space. We have twins and we keep adding shelves in their room, but it seems that they are never enough. I love the ottoman!

Lauren Harmon

Thursday 17th of September 2015

I totally love the way your little girl's room looks! All the girly-ness is perfect for a little princess! I also love the room at the bottom of the post, such a clean, sophisticated look! I can't wait to have kids, decorating (or helping to decorate, once they get older) their room will be just one of the many joys of parenthood!