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DIY Calendar with Paint Swatches

I have tons of home improvement projects going on all over my house. The problem with having so many projects going on at once is hardly any of them ever get finished the way we originally planned. These leaves us with extra supplies and tons of paint swatches. So I decided to use them to add a pop of color and organization to my home  instead of just throw them away.

So I decided to make a Free DIY Calendar with Paint Swatches!

If you don’t already have some laying around, just head to the paint department of any store, they are free after all!

paint swatches at store

Pick out a variety of colors and don’t be afraid to grab extra because there are tons of projects to use these for and I will post more soon. Like my facebook if you haven’t already, this way you can stay up to date on all of my new posts!

paint swatches

Cut out your squares in whatever color pattern you decide will work best for you. Grab a picture frame and place them inside, securing with some scotch tape.

paint swatch calendar

Write your month with a dry erase maker and fill in the days of the month. You’re all done with this Free DIY Calendar with Paint Swatches. Let me know how yours turned out.


Monday 17th of November 2014

That is a great and cheap idea. Thank you


Monday 17th of November 2014

You are very welcome!