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Early Garden Essentials

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Early Garden Essentials

In the Summertime I love having a garden to grab some fresh fruit and veggies from whenever I need them. It’s wonderful to be able make a spaghetti sauce with tomatoes from the garden and broccoli casserole with your homegrown broccoli.

My only regret when having a garden is at the end of the season I always seem to be missing something. There is always a vegetable that I didn’t grow or a fruit that didn’t yield as many berries that I hoped for and it’s too late at the end of the season to do anything about it.

This year I am starting my planning early and getting my garden ready so I can maximize my harvest at the end of the season. Having the right supplies for your garden will help you maximize your harvest this year so be sure to stock up on these Early Garden Essentials.

Early Garden Essentials

Starting early is the best way to prepare for the upcoming season and that goes for planting as well. Start your plants indoors and get a head start on your growth before the rest of the neighborhood with this Starter Kit that holds 50 plants.

A great addition to starting your seeds indoors is using Peat Soil Pellets and this pack comes with 100 so you can get a really early start on next years planning.

If you are planning on skipping the seeds and growing plants from the nursery you may want to get a head start as well. Using a Grow Light System allows you to keep even already established plants indoors until the weather warms up outside.

Don’t let regret happen to you this season, be sure to pick up plenty of plants so you aren’t left desiring more at the end of the season. Some of my favorite things to grow include:

Herbs & Spices, this variety pack will offer you a little bit of everything needed for cooking fresh from your garden.

These Blue Strawberries are new to me but I have to try growing them this year, they are too cool not to try.

I always grow tomatoes every season because they can be used for almost everything. Some varieties are better for sauces while others are great for sandwiches. I make sure I plant a few different varieties to be sure I can share my harvest with a friend at the end of the season.

Are you new to gardening? Or only have enough space for a couple of plants? Pair up with a friend and you can each grow a different vegetable and share the harvest at the end of the season.



Friday 13th of March 2015

I'd love to make a garden with my girls!! The rabbits are so terrible around here though