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Free Treasure Hunt for the Whole Family

Have you ever heard of Geocaching? It’s a fun adventure that anyone who loves the outdoors will enjoy. If you have a smart phone or a GPS then you are ready to go on an adventure to find a Geocache in your area today.

Geocaching is a real world treasure hunt that is happening all over the world right now. All you need to do is either download the app on your smart phone or punch in the coordinates to a cache from the geocaching site into you GPS. You will then be directed to find your treasure. This really is Free Treasure Hunt for the Whole Family. 

I recently went on a geocache with my mom in Cedar Rapids. We looked at the map to see if there was a geocache in our area, we clicked on it and started on the trail. Looking at this photo, you would never know there is a treasure waiting inside.



We headed over the hill and into the woods, geocaching we went….. yeah I just did that.


As you get closer to the cache you can use the compass feature in the app that allows you to see which direction to walk and exactly how many feet you are away from the cache.


We were almost ready to head in the opposite direction because when you get within 30 feet of the cache, your GPS may get confused but then I looked down and spotted the cache.


This one is an Ammo can but some geocaches are in film canisters or even larger boxes.

DSC04293Inside most of the geocache boxes you will find a log, some trinkets, maybe a trackable coin. You are supposed to sign the log and may take an item if you leave an item for the next person to find the cache. My daughter has a few necklaces we have found in caches as well as key chains, coins, coupons for free ice cream, and a bunch of other fun things we have collected along the way.



After signing the log book be sure to log your visit on the geocache site as well. This will help you keep track of which caches you have visited and which ones you still need to find. Some caches are harder to find than others and you may need to give up and come back another day. Then sometimes you may need to report that a cache is missing because although they are hidden pretty good there is always a “Muggle”  out there who destroys things just because they bring other people enjoyment.



If someone finds the cache by mistake and decides to open it they will find these instructions inside. Hopefully they will have just stumbled upon a fun new activity for their family to enjoy for free but once in a while people will take the items and the whole cache. This is a good reason to log your visits on the site because other users will give you hints in their comments if you have a hard time finding the cache and if it is not there the owner of the cache will check it out to see if it has been destroyed. This happened to me one time and the owner replaced the cache and we were able to find it the next time we were out that way.

Geocaching is a free and fun family activity that can be enjoyed anywhere. I suggest checking it out right away and let me know if you did by commenting below.