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Top 10 Easiest Gluten Free Recipes of 2017

Top 10 Easiest Gluten-Free Recipes of 2017

It can be hard to find easy to make Gluten Free Recipes and when I first started dabbling in the nourishment of the gluten-free variety, I had a rough go at it. Sometimes it seemed like all of the ingredients required to create these gluten-free recipes were things I didn’t regularly buy and some things that I didn’t even know where to buy.

Instead of giving up, which wasn’t a real choice for me due to health issues, I started to create gluten-free recipes that are made out of items we already had in our cabinets.

I was pretty surprised at how overwhelmed the idea of making gluten-free recipes and eating only gluten-free foods seemed at first but I know I am not alone.

It has to be hard for anyone who searches websites that offer gluten-free recipes only to find the same thing each time, weird ingredients that nobody has on hand!  Then when you actually make the trek to a local hippie store that reeks of patchouli oil you come to the unfortunate realization that these hard to find products are all way overpriced!

To be fair to the makers of these foods, they do have more overhead than your typical pantry staples because being certified Gluten Free requires certain fees that need to be covered. So the only way around this in most cases is to use ingredients that are naturally gluten free and that is much easier to do than you may initially think is possible.

Grain Free Apple Cinnamon Cake SCD

I have had a lot of success in creating gluten-free recipes from normal ingredients that I already had on hand. There are a few ingredients that I started buying a few years back when all of my health issues began that I specifically bought for the purposes of creating more gluten-free recipes.

Things like Almond Flour and Coconut Flour were never in my cabinet pre-health issues but I now buy them regularly and love using them in recipes even though they are kinda pricey. They make gluten-free food taste like the “real thing” so they are worth a little splurge especially when everything else is traditionally sold at a low cost.

All of these gluten-free recipes from the past year include affordable ingredients that you can find without having to pass by an aisle full of dream catchers and essential oils.

Iced Coffee Recipe with a splash of chocolate


Even if you aren’t a fan of traditional gluten-free recipes you will love this Chocolate Splash Iced Coffee, who doesn’t like a fancy coffee?

Easy Crock Pot Chili
Some of my most popular recipes that my whole family wants to be invited over for are this Easy Spicy Cheese Dip
and my Crockpot Chili!

For those of you who follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, you can learn more about that here if you haven’t read about this in the past, you will love these three of my favorite SCD Legal Recipes.

Grain Free Apple Cinnamon Cake SCD

Perfect for dessert this Grain Free Cake, this Healthy Apple Bread , and these Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes are all guilt free so they double as a guilt-free option to pair with coffee in the morning.

Homemade BBQ Chips
One of my favorite snacks to make are these Homemade BBQ Chips because they are so simple since I keep a bottle of the seasoning mixture in my cabinet at all times. Plus I remember I was laughing the whole time I was writing that post due to a comedian that I listen to while blogging always having “Chip” jokes.
If you need a quick and easy recipe for a gluten-free snack that requires little planning ahead, this Blender Salsa Recipe is perfect.

Popsicle Recipe

My most fun recipe to create all year had to be these Mango Botanical Elixir Popsicles. The bright colors and garden esque nature allowed me to be really creative with my pictures and I love the results.

Even if you have no intentions of trying the popsicle recipe you should check out that post just to see those pretty pictures!

Homemade BBQ Sauce
Last but not least I made a delicious Homemade BBQ Sauce and lots of other goodies in the past, which you can see here.



Wednesday 10th of January 2018

I've been feeling a little more bloated. Seriously considering doing a gluten diet for a month. These recipes look so good. I really want that mango popsicle.


Tuesday 9th of January 2018

WOW, they all look good especially the chili! Those popsicles look very tasty, I wonder if I could get the kids to try them. I need to pin this post and share it with my daughter for her hubby is always looking for gluten free recipes.

Joely Smith

Monday 8th of January 2018

I can't wait to try all of these awesome gluten-free recipes but I am super excited to make the Mango Botanical Elixir Popsicles. . Those sound so very good! Sadly so many of us can't have gluten these days. Thank you for helping us out!

Shelley King

Monday 8th of January 2018

I don't see one single thing that doesn't look amazing! We are a chili and BBQ family through and through! Always looking for gluten free options for my family. Thank you so much for the wonderful recopies!


Monday 8th of January 2018

Those popsicles looks so refreshing and yummy! I'm all over them even though it's so cold right now. The BBQ chips and recipe look wonderful too. Thanks for sharing!