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Tips for Creating Healthy Habits for the Whole Family

 This post is brought to you by vitafusion™ and L’il Critters™. All opinions are my own.

As a mom I take responsibility for my family’s health and try my best to create healthy habits that the whole family can benefit from. Once something becomes a habit it becomes a part of your life and then there is no need to nag your family until they remember the healthy habits you are trying to teach them.

Healthy Habits

Get Outside

When the weather is cooperating try to spend as much time outside with your family enjoying activities that build muscle and burn fat.

Geocaching- Grab a GPS and head out to your local park to find treasures. This activity will become a healthy habit almost effortlessly because it is so much fun once you start playing, you may never want to quit.

Frisbee Golf- Most frisbee golf courses have steep hills, rugged terrain, and  open fields so this activity will keep your whole family moving.

Kayaking- This is a great way to experience the outdoors with your family while staying active. Renting canoes, paddle boats, or even inflatable rafts can offer the same type of experience for larger groups for far less money.

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Stay Active throughout the Day

Even when the weather outside isn’t cooperating, you can still remain active and keep moving inside. Try some of these activities that the whole family can take part in to create a healthy habit of staying active throughout the day.

Dance– Check your local gyms for family Zumba, hip hop workout classes, jazzersize or just put on some tunes and bust a move inside your home.

Yoga- There are so many videos on YouTube alone that will keep your family moving or check your local gyms for family yoga classes.

Games- There are a lot of games you can play inside your home that require some physical activity like Twister, Charades, Interactive Video Games, and Simon Says can be a great way to stay moving even when you can’t get outside for the day.

Healthy Habits

Proper Nutrition

Cook Together– Preparing Meals as a family can help you make healthier meals even when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and it can also help everyone make better choices when they see where their food comes from.

Make a Family Menu–  Keeping everyone involved in then meal planning and preparing process is always a great way to make sure everyone will eat the healthy foods planned for the week.

Take Vitamins as a Family-  Getting everyone on the same schedule to take their vitamins is a great way to create a healthy habit of making sure the whole family is getting their essential nutrients.

Healthy Habits

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Healthy Habits


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Healthy Habits


L’il Critters™ is launching Fruit n’ Honey gummy vitamins, combining essential nutrients with real pear juice† and the golden goodness from honey bees. Rooted in wholesomeness and nutrition, Fruit n’ Honey gummy vitamins have a great taste kids will love.

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Healthy Habits

Fruit n’ Honey is now available nationwide at select mass, drug and grocery stores as well as online retailers. The new Simply Good line from vitafusion™ will be available nationwide at Walmart starting in April.

For more information on creating healthy habits like proper nutrition for your family head over to the following links Instagram vitafusion,  L’il Critters.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

† 16% pear juice from concentrate.


Wednesday 5th of April 2017

We are a very active family, but really need to add some good vitamins to our daily activities!

Marielle Altenor

Wednesday 5th of April 2017

I have no rhythm at all bit dancing is one of my favorite activities to do inside. I have little dance-offs with the kids. It's fun and a great way to stay active.


Wednesday 5th of April 2017

Getting outside is so important especially since kids do not really play outside like we did in the past due to technology. These kiddie multi-vitamins are also a good way to get daily supplements in.


Monday 3rd of April 2017

Thanks for these tips. Every family should strive for sticking to healthy habits just like you guys do.

Victorial Heckstall

Monday 3rd of April 2017

me and my daughter loves to join a zumba class! it's fun and relaxing!