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Feeding Your Dog a High Quality Diet Has Never Been Easier

This shop has been compensated by Inmar Intelligence and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #BLUESierraDelta

Deciding on what to feed your dog, shouldn’t be solely based on convenience but sometimes life gets in the way and it can be hard to stick to a high-quality diet.

Luckily for those of us who want both convenience and high quality for our furry friends, BLUE Wilderness™ is now available at Walmart!

What Makes BLUE Wilderness™ High-Quality Dog Food?

What a convenient way to fuel your dog with a quality product that you can trust! I was so excited to find out that I can easily pick up dog food that doesn’t include artificial flavors or preservatives right at my local Walmart. BLUE Wilderness™ offers a High Protein Grain-free dog food packed with protein-rich meats like beef, bison, chicken, duck, salmon, and more.

You read that right, no chicken or poultry by-product meals, only the best for your dog. You won’t find any corn, wheat, or soy, in these protein-rich foods designed with your pup in mind.  

Now that it is convenient to pick up a bag of BLUE Wilderness™, there is no reason to deny your dog the high-quality meats they were born to love. 

Our dogs provide us with unconditional love and they become part of our family so it makes sense to feed them like family. Our hound mix Daisy is so special to us and we know how important a healthy diet is to her longevity, so we always feed her the best. 

She is such an important part of our lives and we love her so much that it only makes sense to take great care of her. We want to keep her around as long as we can because it is hard to imagine a life without a furry best friend. 

Whenever I am sad, she cheers me up and makes me laugh. She does this for everyone in the family and always keeps a smile on our faces, no matter what life seems to throw at us.

I never quite understood how dogs know what kind of emotions we humans are experiencing but I am certain that they do know and try their best to cheer us up. I feel spoiled by her love and affection, so I do my best to pay her back.

Daisy is such an important part of our family that I couldn’t imagine life without her, she provides emotional support, as well as helps me with other tasks throughout the day, much like a service dog. 

Service Animals are Amazing!

While working as a vet tech, I have experienced firsthand what kind of amazing services dogs can perform. One of our clients suffered from epilepsy and her seizure sniffing service dog helped her detect an oncoming seizure while waiting in the lobby for a checkup.

It wasn’t long before we were calling an ambulance and watching her get carted off to the hospital, thanks to the early warning from her Old English Sheepdog. 

I have witnessed the bond people have with their fur children, whether they are dogs, cats, or even chickens like in my friend Bob’s case. Bob is a Vietnam Vet who is now retired and spends his days with his chickens who are most definitely family to Bob. Luckily for Bob, he doesn’t require a trained service dog but there are many veterans who are in need.

As someone with a lot of veterans in the family, including Bob who is like family to me, I support the partnership between Blue Buffalo® and Sierra Delta. 

Learn more about the partnership between Blue Buffalo® and Sierra Delta.

Sierra Delta helps supply service dogs to veterans. Blue Buffalo® donates money to help supply service dogs to veterans. Buy any BLUE Life Protection Formula™ or BLUE Wilderness™ dry food during the month of November and Blue Buffalo® will donate $1 for every small bag of food sold, up to $275,000, to Sierra Delta Service Dogs for Heroes.

There are a wide variety of reasons that a veteran could benefit from having a service dog from vision loss to severe PTSD, as well as many reasons in between. Service dogs provide tasks like emergency assistance and they can be very useful by assisting with daily activities.

As someone who appreciates the sacrifices that our vets have made for us, I am saddened by the difficulties our vets have in obtaining a service dog that they so greatly need.

How can we help?

Did you know that only 1 in 150 vets in need of service dogs are currently served? This is due to costly programs and not enough qualified training organizations available. This is why I stand with Sierra Delta and am happy to support their mission to match more veterans with trained canine companions.

Not only will this increase access to service dogs for our vets but it will help decrease the euthanizing of large adoptable rescue dogs as well. Helping out vets and helping out rescue animals are two of my favorite ways to give back. Blue Buffalo® is making this way too easy! Click here to add a bag directly to your shopping cart!

Daisy loves this food and I love the ingredients! You can’t beat the convenience of picking this up while grocery shopping and being able to help out our vets at the same time makes this an even smarter buy.

I have seen first hand what kind of impact a service dog can have on a person’s life. That’s why I feel passionate about doing what I can to help out more vets in need. I will be stocking up on Blue Buffalo® in the month of November and I challenge you to do the same.

Feed your best furry friend a high-quality diet and help support an amazing cause at the same time. Click here to learn more about the partnership between Blue Buffalo®, Walmart, and Sierra Delta.


Thursday 5th of November 2020

This is good to know that BLUE Wilderness™ is now available at Walmart! I am not a puppy owner but those who have dogs, will be happy to feed their furry kids healthy high quality food now 😊


Wednesday 4th of November 2020

I do not have a dog myself, but for those that do this is really useful for them for sure x


Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

I love that there's a food that has everything a dog could want and need. It's important to take care of such a beautiful and loyal animal ; ) I'll share this post!

Yeah Lifestyle

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

This is such an informative post especially for pet owners who are looking to serve their pets high quality diet. Will share this link with my friends who have dogs


Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

I've heard a lot about this line and from what I compared in the past it's definitely a good brand for the highest nutrition.