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How to Build a Royal Fort


One of my favorite things about being a parent is getting to enjoy all of the fun things I did as a kid with my daughter. We have so much fun doing silly things and always get a case of the giggles when we spend quality time together.

How to build a fort

The most recent activity that we enjoyed together was building a fort! Not just any old fort either, we built this King Couch’s Castle Fort that is fit for any princess, prince, or the entire royal family.


The best part is that you can create this fort with things found from around your home and this will be a memorable experience that the whole family can enjoy.

What you will need:
2 blankets
Rubber bands
2 Brooms
2 Chairs
End Table/Coffee Table (optional)

After you gather your supplies invite the kids to help build the fort, after all, that is a big part of the fun!

Kings Castle Fort

Set the two chairs up with backs facing each other and place the table in between. The table serves as a tunnel that isn’t necessary for the construction of the fort but it does make it more fun!

Add a broom to each chair by weaving it into the back support and resting it on the ground with the handle facing down.

Drape a blanket over one of the chairs on the side making sure there is an overhang to create a shelter underneath. Do the same to the other side and leave the other end on the table or if you are not using a table, let it hang in between for now.

How to build a fort

Get your rubber bands and clothespins ready for this next part.

Tie both ends together from each chair by securing a rubber band to the ends on both sides.
Use the clothespins to secure it if necessary.

Add clothespins to the sides of the chairs and along the line of the brooms as well.

How to build a royal Fort

Your fort is ready to enjoy but be sure to take a picture first because sometimes the kid’s favorite part about fort building is destroying it.

Everyone started piling into the fort including our beagle puppy, Brojo. He saw the soft and cozy throw inside the fort and couldn’t wait to get inside! You can find more soft and cozy home items by clicking here, you may even find a few presents for this holiday season.

I hope your fort building experience is as fun as ours was and don’t forget to check out Wayfair for all of your home and fort building needs.



Tuesday 17th of November 2015

So fun! We always had a fort when I was a kid. It was so much fun. We would spend all day in our fort playing.