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Is Your Child Ready for a Puppy?

Having a pet to take care of can help teach a child responsibility and help develop lots of other great life lessons but it is also a lot of work! So before you bring a puppy home you need to find out, Is your child ready for a puppy?

Is Your Child Ready for a Pet?

Sure puppies are cute but they are a ton of work, trust me I know. The dog pictured is my new puppy Brojo. He has kept me quite busy and I am noticing all of the ways my daughter is helping out and growing right before my eyes.

Caring for a pet teaches her responsibility, empathy, and requires her to think ahead. She is developing skills she never used before and has proven to be very responsible. Some of the daily tasks required to care for a new puppy include but are not limited to:

Taking them outside to go potty, ALOT! –Puppies are tiny and so is their bladder so taking them outside is a frequent job and depending on the weather it can be quite tedious. We have about 5 inches of snow on the ground so taking the puppy outside constantly is a ruff job but my daughter has been right on top of things.

Feeding Although this seems like a simple task, it happens frequently throughout the day and is a very important job that needs to be taken seriously. Measuring out the amount of food your puppy gets is a must, especially if you have a beagle that will eat himself to death if given the option to free feed. Don’t forget the spilling of the water, a part of this job is cleaning up the mess the puppy makes when eating and drinking, too.

Crate Training – This is not a fun job at all! When your puppy has never been away from it’s litter mates bringing him home for the first time is going to give him a little anxiety. When putting him in the crate for the first few times he will bark, whine, fight, and throw a sad little puppy fit! This is hard to deal with and I use to think crate training was cruel, that was until I had my last beagle Mojo whom destroyed every item in my house he could get his mouth on! I realize now how important crate training is for the safety and sanity for everyone including the puppy.

Bathing Your New Puppy-Giving a puppy a bath is a task that will require an adult. Until your puppy is potty trained, this may be needed quite often as puppies tend to walk and even roll in their poop or pee.

Having a new puppy in our home has been a great experience for our whole family. My daughter is a great care giver and is such a big help. While she is able to do a lot of these daily puppy tasks, there are many tasks she needs my help to perform. So when looking for a new puppy for the kids, remember you will need to be involved in the care of your new pet along with guiding your children to properly take care of their new best friend.


Wednesday 28th of January 2015

unfortunately we had to get rid of our dog because she couldn't stop jumping on the girls. Im glad she went to a good family though with older kids


Thursday 29th of January 2015

Sorry you had to get rid of your dog, that's unfortunate. Glad to here that she went to a home with kids.


Sunday 18th of January 2015

I gave my boys each a puppy when they were little. Seems like they took better care of them the younger they were!


Tuesday 20th of January 2015

I hope the help with this puppy continues because boy he is a handful!

Gina Andrews

Friday 16th of January 2015

That puppy is so cute!