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Juicing Cleanse

I have Ulcerative Colitis and am currently coming out of a pretty bad flare up that caused me severe pain. I decided to try a Juice Fast, where all I will consume is real,pure,fresh fruit and vegetable juices along with water. I was hoping this would allow my digestive system to heal up while giving my body the nutrition it has been lacking during this flare.

At first it went very smooth. I woke up and juiced my meal and made a quick bowl of cereal for my daughter. The absence of solid food didn’t even phase me at this point.

My first juice went down pretty smooth and kept me satiated until lunch time.

Pineapple Candy Drink 

pineapple mango smoothie

My second drink was where I kicked it up a notch. I wasn’t worried about flavor as much as nutrition because I started to feel a little hungry. So I added lots of different veggies.

Clean Green Drink 

My third and final drink of the day was hard because I was making a Spaghetti and Meatball dinner for my family and boy did it smell good! No matter how much willpower you have, those meatballs  just call you in! So needless to say at this point, I was losing my willpower but I drank my juice, served my family “real food” and continued on with my cleanse.

Heavenly Red Devil Juice 

I slept well that night. I didn’t have any digestive issues keeping me up so this was the best night of sleep I had in quite some time. Other than the problems I usually have with the medicine I was feeling pretty good.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Day 2 of my cleanse I was able to repeat the recipes from day 1 and add in a couple more to keep me feeling full throughout the day. As a mid day addition to my juicing menu I added a fruity drink.

Orange You Glad Juice 

Then in the evening to switch things up a bit, I swapped out my clean green drink for another green drink recipe with a few more ingredients.

Green Drink Recipe

Green Drink

All of these juices are great for your health and a wonderful addition to any diet, not just for those on a cleanse. If you just add one of these juices to your daily regimen you can still reap the benefits of great nutrition. Or try a weekend cleanse to boost your bodies immune system and rid yourself of harmful toxins.

Have you tried any of these juices? What was your favorite?

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