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Kids Getting Crafty with Canvas

My daughter had some friends over this weekend and I wanted to make sure they had something fun to do and as a bonus something to bring home and remember the fun they had together. I searched through my “Barney Bag” and found lots of odds and ends and some mini square canvases. So I decided to share this idea with everyone who may enjoy their kids getting crafty with canvas.

Kids Get Crafty With Canvas


The first thing I did was set up a space for the kids to craft in, I laid out newspaper and filled little bowls & cups with the things I found. Beads, shells, pipe cleaners, ribbons, paint and anything else that will glue well will work for this craft.

Kids Get Crafty With Canvas

The kids started by painting their canvases and deciding which of the odds and ends they wanted to glue onto their masterpieces. I started out by testing the canvas to make sure that the shells would glue and actually stick to the canvas and I was happy when I found out that yes, they do. As well as all of the little plastic bead my daughter has accumulated from one relative or another during every holiday for the past 5 years.



One of her friends decided to make a beach scene and use the sea creature beads we found as well as spelling out her name on the bottom of the canvas. I love her choice of colors that reflect the sunset, very creative.


My daughter decided she wanted to paint a frame around the outside and place a larger seashell in the center. I love the colors she chose and think the frame really makes the shell stand out even more.



Another friend decided she didn’t want to glue anything to her work of art and just painted a pretty scene with water & birds. It looks almost abstract, and the colors blending on the canvas look great.

Kids Getting Crafty With Canvas


I decided to add some beads and paint to spell out my initial, I then added some ribbon and polka dots. This would be a cute wall hanging for a child’s room or a gift at a baby shower.

I hope we were able to inspire you with our kids getting crafty with canvas and would love you to tell us what you created.