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Kids Halloween Costumes Under $20

Halloween is supposed to be fun but some of the costumes kids want can run upwards of a hundred dollars. That is unnecessary because there are plenty of awesome costumes that cost less than $20.

I have compiled a list of some of my favorites that will not break the bank and will be shipped right to your door in plenty of time for trick or treating!

This post contains affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you, I get paid a small percentage of the sale. 

Some costumes are designed to scare while some others are more for the sheer enjoyment of dressing up as your favorite character. Every kid goes through phases with which way they prefer to dress on Halloween so I have included both options to fit every personality.

Shredded Corpse Child Costume– This costume comes with the top, headpiece, pants, and belt for less than $10.

This scary costume is the perfect way to let your kid be creepy on a day it’s actually allowed. Maybe they can get it out of their system enough to where they aren’t climbing over the back of a booth at a local restaurant trying to stare at my family and I. I’m just sayin…

Pirate– RRR You going to the Halloween Party as a Pirate? This costume comes with the belt, bandanna, pants and shirt for under $10

Halloween is the only day it is acceptable to dress up like a thief and be celebrated. Seriously, pirates are thieves, have you seen that Tom Hanks movie based on a true story about pirates? Those one eyed looting, parrot on the shoulder having, ocean dwellers can be fun to emulate and nobody seems to care. Now dress up like someone committing any other crime and see how they act, Bill Cosby costume anyone?

RioRand Comics Cartoon Dress Up Costumes 5 Satin Capes with Felt Masks– That’s right, here your kid can change it’s mind 5 times about what they want to be for Halloween.

This is perfect for the kids that like dressing up outside of Halloween. My daughter loved to play dress up when she was little, we would go to Walmart with her in full on Disney Princess gear. There was never any doubt that she was switched at birth because although she was in full on Princess gear with a crown, she got mad when people told her how pretty she looked or commented on the fact that she was a princess, ahh the apple of my eye as they say.

Elsa from Disney’s Frozen– It doesn’t matter how long ago this movie came out, little girls still want to dress up like Elsa. This deal allows them to wear the look for just $10.02

This is another costume that you can get away with using again and again. It’s a great deal for even using just on Halloween but since it is a beautiful dress your little girl can wear it all year long if they want.

Disney’s Moana- This movie was so popular and it has surely inspired many kids to dress up as their favorite characters this Halloween, this one comes in just under the $20 mark at $19.99

This movie was quite a hit with the kids and since it is a dress, you can let them wear it long after they are knocking on strangers doors asking for questionable treats.


Super Mario Brothers- Mario Costume- This costume comes with costume the famous jumpsuit with blue overalls, big yellow button, attached red long sleeve shirt and the mustache for just $12.28


Cowboy- This costume is perfect for those families that walk the streets on Halloween with their dog. Slap a saddle on your furry friend and bring this costume to the next level.


Batman- This lightweight Batman costume comes with the suit and the mask for just $13.87

This costume is perfect for those of us who live in colder weather. You can easily layer it without taking away from the overall look. Nothing makes my daughter more mad on Halloween than having to wear a coat, seriously she loses her freaking mind about having to cover up her thin costume in 30 degree weather. Layering underneath can avoid the arguments that come with trying to keep your kid healthy, no need to let those thoughts about not inspecting the candy creep in just yet there Casey Anthony.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Child’s Rey Costume– This Officially licensed Star Wars The Force Awakens Hero Fighter child costume comes with the Jumpsuit with attached apron, detached sleeves, and belt for only $16.40

Girls can be a Jedi too! Or whatever this costume is, I am not really sure, Star Wars is not really my thing. I have seen all the movies but I just watch them to not be left out since my husband and daughter enjoy it. Secretly I am just counting down the seconds until Yoda appears on screen and drops some backwards knowledge on me.

Rubies Bubbles The Clown Child Costume– Clown jumpsuit with collar and hat for just $14.66

Since the release of the Steven King movie, It, everyone has been talking about clowns. I don’t get all of the hype, clowns are creepy, they always have been. Seriously anytime someone devotes their life to hanging out with other peoples kids all day needs to have their head examined. Plus, I never trusted anyone with a face full of makeup no matter how many handkerchiefs they can pull out of their butt or whatever it is that clowns do.

If your kid wants to emulate the characters from the horror film and you refuse because you think it’s too creepy your hypocrisy is just going to turn them into real psychos anyway. Why did you let them watch the movie in the first place if you are so against it? It’s Halloween, let them play dress up for one day! Let them be whoever they want to be, no matter how badly you think it reflects on your parenting, get over yourself and let them have fun.

What Halloween costumes would your kids like the most and what are they going to be this Halloween?



Leslie Roberts

Saturday 7th of October 2017

It's awesome when you can find a fun costume for under 20 bux. I always seem to spend about 25 to 30 dollars for a costume they are only going to wear for 1 night. eeessssshhhhh Happy Scare-oween

Marie Gizelle

Sunday 24th of September 2017

We don't do halloween, but my husband sometimes bring the kids to comic cons and such, we's fun and gives me joy knowing we put in an effort for their costumes. THanks for sharing, these would definitely be good for one has no time to imrpovise. :)

Aileen Adalid

Saturday 23rd of September 2017

These are so cool! My nephew is also very excited for this year and I want to help him have the best costume possible. Thanks for these ideas! We'll see what he will fancy ;)

Ali Rost

Friday 22nd of September 2017

Halloween has always been my favorite! When my kids were little, I made all of their costumes. In fact, I still have all of the capes my son wore over the years. Batman was definitely one, but there was also Superman and Captain America. So fun to think back. x

Tina Butler

Thursday 21st of September 2017

Whew costumes now are way too expensive. I remember when my kids were younger when we go on our trip to party city to pick out the kids costumes. It was always so fun and exciting watching the kids pick out what they wanted. We stayed on budget as best we could and never spent over $20 per child.