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Waffle Iron & Panini Press Kitchen Hacks

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It seems like I am always in the kitchen, preparing food to be cooked, packaging left overs, cleaning up the mess everything in the kitchen seems to make, and sometimes I just don’t have the time to spend in there. I am always looking for a way to save time and I love trying out all of the Kitchen Hacks I come across!

I love Kitchen Hacks that save time, space, money, and prevent me from cleaning up a big mess when done!

Anything that prevents me from having to buy another appliance that is just going to take up more space on my counter tops is worth a try.

I especially love when the Kitchen Hacks I try actually make the foods taste better and prevent me from wasting money on yet another must have appliance.

I hope these 10 Surprising things You can Make with Your Waffle Iron and Panini Press
help save you time and money in your kitchen. Plus they really do work and some of these Kitchen Hacks make me wonder, what took me so long to try this?

waffle and panini press hacks


Ok I know at least a few of these Kitchen Hacks had to to blow your mind! I know the bacon and the hash browns hack will definitely save me time in the kitchen!

My favorite has to be the omelette in the Waffle Maker
, that is one of those Kitchen Hacks where you wonder how did I not come up with that? I have never been able to make a perfect omelette and I know the non stick waffle iron will allow it to come out clean without destroying the shape. I think I may serve these this weekend and see if anyone notices that my omelettes are a perfect circle instead of a paint splatter shape as usual. See where this info graphic was posted originally by clicking here. 

What was your favorite of all 10 Kitchen Hacks? Which ones made you wonder why you hadn’t thought of that?

Julie Kent

Sunday 2nd of August 2015

Wow, awesome! We just made waffles this morning.... now I want to try the omelet or the macaroni and cheese bites. YUM!