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Know Your Numbers


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As we get older we need to pay closer attention to our bodies and start healthy habits that will allow us to always know our numbers. Know your numbers like your glucose level, your weight and it’s especially important to know your blood pressure.

It’s easy to keep a scale in the bathroom at all times which is helpful for knowing your weight but be sure your results are accurate. Weigh yourself at the same time each day, doing this before your shower will not only make it a habit but this will ensure you don’t have any excess pounds added on from your clothing.

Knowing your glucose level is as easy as owning a scale, just pick up a glucose monitor from your local drugstore. Measure this level before eating or drinking anything first thing in the morning. If your levels are higher or lower than 80-120, you may want to contact your doctor for a closer screening of your fluctuations. If your numbers fall into the normal range, you may not need to measure as often but keep the meter for future tests.

Getting your blood pressure tested used to consist of going to the doctor’s office or a trip to the drug store. When I was a kid I knew my numbers very well because the blood pressure machine was like a game that didn’t require a quarter. As I get older and this number is more important I seem to be completely in the dark about what my blood pressure is. I guess my theory, like most people is if I don’t know the number I don’t have to do anything about the problem.

Not taking care of your blood pressure can lead to serious consequences like clots in the arteries that block blood flow and potentially causing a stroke or by damaging and weakening your brain’s blood vessels, causing them to narrow and eventually causing a stroke.

Know Your Numbers

Knowing Your Numbers is essential to living a healthy life, if you don’t know there is a problem then you will not attempt to resolve it, leading to more problems. I wanted to keep track of my families blood pressure and with Ozeri’s Cardio Tech Pro Series Blood Pressure monitor, I can do this with ease.

Know Your Numbers

I love that it comes with a carry case to keep it protected when not in use. I can’t emphasize enough just how easy this thing is to use. You literally strap it on like a bracelet and then hit one button, instant results. Now there is no reason not to know your blood pressure.

Know Your Numbers

 This digital blood pressure monitor is portable, accurate, and simple to use. It delivers results fast and easy with just the touch of a button you can know your numbers. Check out this product on Amazon by clicking here.