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Making Memories Last with

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One of the hardest parts of being a parent for me has been letting go. Letting my daughter make mistakes, deal with hard things on her own, letting her suffer in some ways that I know will ultimately help her become the amazing person that she is destined to be. It seems easier at the moment to just intervene and stop the suffering but immediately after the urge hits, rational thoughts start to creep in. That doesn’t make these times any easier to handle and watch unfold.

Luckily as you guide your children through these experiences, good or bad, they learn from them and ultimately you will too. Parenting has taught me so much and I have been learning new things constantly ever since the day my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby. I sometimes forget about those days and where we have come from, it’s easy to focus on the now and stop thinking about the past. I have learned that it helps me to look back at the story of my family and do it often. You just can’t completely appreciate what you have if you don’t remember the steps you had to take to get it. It’s the journey, the overcoming hard times and working to achieve your goals that will help you appreciate the good things in life most.

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Watching my daughter grow up and ultimately move out of the house is becoming more of a reality by the day as she enters high school this year.  She looks so grown up these days and I know a lot of grown-up problems are right around the corner. Instead of burying my head in the sand, which I feel like doing somedays, I am learning to accept that the days of her being a little kid are numbered and focusing on making memories that will last forever.

Taking photos and turning them into a beautiful piece of art is a great way to make memories last. Having photos spread out through my home reminds me just how fast the time really does go by.

Each photo tells a story and every one of them is linked to a special moment in my life. With a quick glance at this one wall in my home, you can start to see the timeline of my family and how it became what it is today. Back to the days my husband and I were just dating, to our wedding, the day my daughter was born, her first zoo trip, our first Cubs game together, and a bunch of good times in between.

Photos tell the story of our lives and they are also our best chance at making memories last a lifetime. I am so happy to have another addition to my story even if it the story being told is reaching a new chapter, like entering high school, yikes!

Time seems to be moving faster than ever before for my family, but we are enjoying every minute despite the fact that things will change drastically for our entire family in the not so distant future. I still remember thinking about how I couldn’t wait for my daughter to speak her first words, I was so excited about her future that I was rushing through the present. Thankfully I feel like I have a better grasp on that these days, I don’t long for time to fly by so fast, I know it will do that anyway, regardless of how many people choose to ignore this fact.  Instead, I take a lot of pictures, it is after all my only real way of slowing time down and capturing a moment in this fast-paced world.

I love being able to display all of my photos throughout my home in beautiful frames that I didn’t even have to leave the house for. I think everyone should plaster more photos on their walls, tell their story and use them as a constant reminder to make special memories. There is no time like the present so head over to to start telling your story and save money too. With this discount code you can get an additional 15 % off, already discounted canvas prints by using a special code meant just for my readers. Type in SUPERMOMCANVAS at checkout to save!


Shannon Gurnee

Tuesday 26th of February 2019 has some great options for preserving memories and for giving gifts. Looks like an easy process to use.

Lori Bosworth

Tuesday 26th of February 2019

I'm also the one in the family that is always taking photos because I want to make sure I capture the important moments. That's a great pic you took of your daughter.

Cindy Gordon

Tuesday 26th of February 2019

I am a huge photo hound. I get tons of photos all the time and love finding new ways to display them.

Emerald Lavender

Tuesday 26th of February 2019

Your daughter is beautiful and it's hard seeing your children go through things. I always want to find a way to intervene, but it's not always the best solution. I love pictures too and this a great to capture those beautiful moments.

Kimberly K Croisant

Tuesday 26th of February 2019

I do love to display my best photos on canvas. Canvas makes my photos come to life. Way to go on yours!