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Mary Poppins Returns Free Printable Activity Pack

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mary Poppins Returns. All opinions are my own.

When I was a kid, before Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix, we only had access to a few movies at a time and watched them repeatedly, so much that we memorized all of the words to some of our favorites. For me, it didn’t get much better than Mary Poppins. There was something about the magic that Mary Poppins brought to the children’s lives that really excited me. My favorite and most memorable scenes from the movie are just as vivid in my memory as they were when I first watched them play out on the screen so long ago.

I remember loving the part where Mary pulled all of those giant items out of her suitcases like the lamp and the mirror. She also pulled out a pair of blue shoes that weren’t as impressive of a fit inside the bag but I remember wishing I had a pair just like them. The most impressive part was when Mary and the children snapped their fingers to clean up their room, I tried so hard but could never get that method to work for me.

Another scene that had me glued to the television was when they jumped into the chalk drawings at the park. I have loved the look of carousel horses ever since and have always wanted one just like the one Mary was riding. Even to this day, as an adult, I can not go by a carousel without wanting to take a ride. I have even seen a few carousel horses for sale over the years and have seriously considered purchasing one despite the fact that I have no room for a random carnival ride in my home. That doesn’t stop me from checking the price tag, considering a purchase, and talking with my husband about it, because it will always bring me back to the magic of this film whenever I look at it, now if only my house had as much storage as the magical Mary Poppins bag.

Now that Mary Poppins Returns has been released, I can relive the magic I felt as a child all over again. In Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns,” the irresistible, timeless sequel based upon the Mary Poppins Stories by PL Travers, has had audiences dancing in their seats and critics singing its praises, earning Academy Award®nominationsfor best original song, best original score, best costume design, and best production design.

In “Mary Poppins Returns,” Michael Banks(Ben Whishaw)—just a child when Mary Poppins first visited 17 Cherry Tree Lane —is now a grown man raising his children. John (Nathanael Saleh)and Georgie(Joel Dawson) with help from his sister Jane (Emily Mortimer). Times are tough in Depression-era London but the winds begin to change and the enigmatic governess, whose unique magical skills can turn any ordinary task into a fantastic adventure, enters the lives of the Banks family once again, having not aged a single day. Teaming up with an old friend, Jack, they take the Banks children on a series of whimsical adventures, encountering colorful characters like Mary’s eccentric Cousin Topsy(Streep), Jack’s lovable band of bank executives William Weatherall Wilkins(Colin Firth)and Mr. Dawes Jr. (Van Dyke)—bringing life, love and laughter back into the home.

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