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Money Saving Tips for Families

This is a sponsored post written by me and all opinions are my own. 

It is very obvious to all of my family, friends, and long time readers that I love to save money. I try not to pay full price for anything and always look for the best deals!

When shopping for clothes I always looks for coupons online but it seems more often than not, they are outdated or just don’t work for the items I want. It’s such a frustrating process that I rarely look for promo codes anymore and have decided to implement my own Money Saving Tips for Families.

Money Saving Tips For Families

My daughter and I spend a lot of time shopping for clothes lately. Every few months we have to get her new clothes due to her constant growth spurts. We also have been picking up a lot of smaller sizes for me since I have been losing so much weight my old clothes no longer stay up anymore.

When we shop at Kohl’s, The Children’s Place, Sears or any of our favorite stores, I implement these Money Saving Tips for Families and always get a great deal!

  • Sign up for a credit card- There is usually some kind of promotion going on and this allows you to save a percentage off of your purchase that day as well as receive coupons for your next visit.
  • Ask the cashier about promotions, she may have a coupon book that applies to your purchase and if you are extra nice she may even dig up a coupon another customer left behind that didn’t apply to their purchase that may work for you.
  • Shop the clearance racks- Obviously you know that the items on the clearance racks are going to be discounted but usually it’s last seasons clothing. To save money on my daughters Summer clothing, I pick up a couple sizes bigger for the next season from the clearance rack and during the Summer I pick up sweaters, jeans, and whatever else is available in her next size. This way you are not buying shorts in the fall when you will only be able to wear them for another month but you will be stocked up for the beginning of the next heat wave!
  • Sign up for free to GivingAssistant It’s easy to sign up, it only takes a second to enter an email or do what I did, sign up through Facebook. ScreenshotSAVEWithin seconds you will have access to more ways to save money and a chance to help out your favorite charity. Giving Assistant is a free digital loyalty program, over 1,100 largest retailers, avg. of 5% cash reward after each online purchase. At Kohl’s you can get up to 4% cash back and at Sears up to 7% cash back, I just keep typing in my favorite store names and can’t believe how much savings they offer.kohls
  • Stay away from the clothing on display! If you are trying to save money don’t even look at the items on display, they are the newest fashions and you will be paying up for these. Stick to the clothing on the floor and don’t miss a rack, you never know what you might find with a little effort!



Monday 29th of June 2015

Great tips! I definitely avoid clothes on display as well. I always check the clearance section first to see if there are any good deals.