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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Scooter’s Coffee

This post is sponsored by Scooter’s Coffee although as usual, all opinions are my own. 

My daughter is about to enter high school and that has me realizing just how fast time flies. We all say it, people always tell us that but as it comes out of their mouths and goes into our ears, we somehow never really hear it. No matter how many times I hear it, I never feel quite prepared for these milestones to be over with in my life, especially those that include my daughter. I have had to pinch myself at times to make sure that I am fully aware of what is unfolding right before my eyes, no matter how unprepared I may be.

She is growing up and it seems like it is happening at a rapid rate, I can barely grasp the fact that she will be fourteen in just a couple of months. I remember being fourteen, oh boy, it doesn’t seem like that long ago! Since I can’t make time slow down, I am trying my best to enjoy every moment that I have, while they last.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I have really been trying to think about what I would like most and since I can’t get a time machine to relive it all, I just want to make sure I enjoy some time with my family. It’s the perfect day to hang out with my daughter as well as my mom, enjoying some delicious treats from Scooter’s Coffee.

Scooter’s is the perfect addition to quality time and it’s also the perfect gift idea. No matter if you have a K-cup brewer or a traditional coffee maker, Scooter’s has you covered. Pick up a gift card, a bag of moms favorite flavor of Scooter’s Coffee and a couple of mugs for Mother’s Day.

Spend some time enjoying them together, that is the gift that keeps giving because these are the times that those beautiful memories you will look back at are made of.

After that never-ending Winter, apparently some things don’t feel like they pass you by too fast, the best way to spend the morning is with a cup of coffee swinging on the porch with mom. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the beautiful weather with the perfect company and the perfect refreshments.

Having my mom and daughter around makes for an extra special day, they never fail to entertain me. My daughter enjoys hearing stories from my mom, about my childhood. I think she gets a kick out of how much we are alike, I know I do. It is amazing being able to watch her experience all of the little things as well as all of the things in life that meant the most to me as a kid but through her eyes. Her first sleepover, her first boyfriend, her first time in a haunted house. Those are all things I remember vividly from my childhood, things I still tell stories about all of these years later.

It is amazing how many things we have experienced in common and it’s also funny to see how we handle these situations since our lives were so different from each other. I grew up with very little advantages or supervision, my daughter, on the other hand, has been watched like a hawk her entire life and has almost everything a kid could ever want. Way more than my husband or I ever even thought about having when we were kids. Yet I still notice similarities between us and I can get a glimpse of who she is becoming in those moments.

Even silly things that happen to us both or tragedies, it can be interesting to see the similarities like the first broken bone, for me it was an arm, for her it was a toe, both of our injuries were due to our own carelessness. I broke my arm when bracing myself while falling off of a banister that I shouldn’t have even been on. She broke her toe while paying more attention to her phone than the area rug she slipped on.

These are the stories I will tell her kids someday if she decides to have any of course that will be far into the future. For now, I will just try my best to enjoy the time we get together and do my best to remember that these times do not last forever. That’s why Mother’s Day is especially important to me and I love celebrating with Scooter’s Coffee.



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Toy Platz

Friday 17th of January 2020

My mom was so kind and she always had time for someone with troubles.

Marilyn Schafler

Friday 17th of January 2020

My mom was my rock--always loving, always forgiving. Orphaned as a child, she valued her family above all else. She persevered despite all of the adversities thrown her way, never giving up. I treasure all of the memories.


Friday 17th of January 2020

My mom is brilliant and is always showing me how to be a better person.

Donna Teller

Friday 17th of January 2020

She has always been there for me no matter what and I honestly can't imagine my life without her.


Sunday 26th of May 2019

My mom is special because she is so kind and patient. I love her so much!