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Priorities When Moving Into Your New Home

It can be overwhelming when you have just moved into a new home, and sometimes it isn’t until after you’ve settled in that you realise there are a multitude of things to repair or improve. But with all the new expenses you may be struggling with, where do you start?

Luckily, our friends over at Luxury Flooring & Furnishings are here to help, and have compiled the top three priorities to make your new house a home.

The Foundations

This includes anything from flooring to walls, doors and cupboards – fixed installations that many forget to consider due to a lifetime of renting. Changing or repairing these elements can help transform a place from shabby to chic, set an atmosphere, and create a canvas for the rest of your décor.

With flooring, engineered wood flooring is your best bet. Chances are you will be living here longer than LVT and laminate can withstand, but don’t have the upfront cost that solid wood requires given moving in costs, so engineered is a perfect middle ground. It looks just like solid wood since the top layer does use this, but the layers beneath are plywood.

Although the floor cannot be sanded down as often to make it look like new, it still has a 25 year minimum guarantee like its solid counterpart, and has the ability to withstand temperature changes, spillages and humidity without becoming damaged. Solid cannot do this, so you are in fact getting something better for less! There are many shades and finishes to choose from to match your taste too.

In terms of wallpaper, replace it with whatever matches your tastes or long-term ornaments, and don’t pick a fad style that could become outdated. Neutral colours with minimal patterns are best as neutral tones match anything (e.g. black, white, brown), and patterns can be perceived poorly by guests with different tastes. Doors and cupboards should be re-treated or re-painted as needed for a fresh look, as the yellowing of a once white fixture can creep up on you fast!


Repairs that went unseen at the time of buying are a pain, but it is much better to fix them now than deal with the consequences later. Common problems include faulty boilers, water, gas and electricity problems, and unsuitable furnishings included with the home. If somebody has left behind a bed, fridge or oven, there is likely a reason for this, so we recommend getting them tested for faults or replacing them entirely. It is possible to ask for a reduced buying price if there are faults with things such as the boiler or shower, so take advantage of this as much as you can and negotiate a fairer deal to help yourself out in the long run.

The Garden

Your homes garden is what will give passersby or guests a first impression, so it is vital this is kept in check. Initially, your garden may be empty, overgrown and just ‘there’. We believe a garden is a hidden gem not to be ignored, and makes a perfect setting for relaxing or hosting social events.

Improve it by installing artificial grass to reduce maintenance needs, growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs, and placing flowers, a fire pit, a barbeque, and various ornaments to give it a personalised feel. A house will never feel like a home with a neglected garden, so we suggest taking as much advantage of your own patch of nature as possible!

Have you just moved into a new home? What were your top three priorities?