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Advice For Moving Home The Easy Way

Moving home is one of those things in life that we all do and a lot of us find stressful. But there are ways to remove that pressure from your move and just enjoy the process of leaving one home behind and getting yourself set up for a new adventure. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for getting your move in order and keeping the pain of moving day at bay.

Hire a Team

Rather than taking on all the work yourself you should look to hire a team that can help you get the move done in the easiest way possible. Much like the many other service industries out there, there are people who specialize in moving people between properties from short distances to cross country long distance movers, and you should make the most of them. Knowing that your belongings are in the hands of professionals will give you the peace of mind to just get on with the other parts of your move and not having to worry about broken items and left behinds.

Label Everything

Get yourself a label-maker and go to down on all of your worldly possessions. Organization is key when it comes to moving home and nothing says prepared like someone with a label maker and hundreds of boxes. You’ll thank yourself when you get unpacking at the other end and you have got a carefully curated system to get the new house looking and feeling homely as quickly as possible.   


Something that can pass us by when we move homes is just how much stuff there is in the current property and worse, where does it all go at the other end? Well, rather than fretting about that during the hardest part of your move, the actual moving, save it for when you’re settled and have a better mind for the new property. While you’re sorting through your belongings make sure to keep a box or two for things that can go into self-storage. You’ll be grateful when you arrive at the new home that you have fewer boxes to sort through and a lot more time to figure out what should go where. This is also a good trick for getting rid of things that you’re wavering on; if you’ve left it in storage for a few months and haven’t missed it, do you need it?

Throw Stuff Out

To that last point, make sure you are throwing things out as you go. For this, we would suggest hiring yourself a skip for the few days around moving. The worst thing to do is get your life organized into boxes and then look back at the mess that still needs to be dealt with. As you go through room by room you should be able to sort things into three piles; keep, storage, throw out. And that last pile should be thrown out ASAP using the skip outside the house.