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Must Have Products for the Whole Family

This list of Must Have Products contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a small portion of the sale at no additional cost to you. I have received the following items to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own.

When picking up new products for the whole family I always want to make sure that I get the most bang for my buck. I also know that most people rely heavily on the recommendation of products from friends, family, and bloggers that they follow. That’s why I wanted to share my picks for Must-Have Products for the whole family.

Better Than Good Snacks- If you are looking for a better snack that is also better for you, Better Than Good Snacks is a Must Have Pantry Product! Great taste with no guilt, do something better for you with better ingredients. Big on taste but low on all of the right things like Low Carb, Low Sugar, and Low Calories. The best part is that you don’t feel like you are munching on “diet food” or healthier for you alternatives, this snack tastes like the real thing because it is the real thing! You will love having a bag for road trips, movie time, or just anytime your taste buds are begging to be treated to a delicious snack. Don’t believe me? Head over to their site and try a free sample, that is how confident they are with this wonderful snack. Be sure to try them all, it comes in a variety of flavors like Salted Caramel, Ranch, Barbecue, and Jalapeno Cheddar.

OZ Naturals Moisturizer– I was looking for a good skin moisturizer and was instantly overwhelmed by the vast selection I found online. I was glad to come across OZNaturals Pure Retinol Cream. This Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging Retinol Facial Moisturizer is packed with Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid. Allowing me to experience the most hydrating and effective natural moisturizer on the market. Thanks to Key Ingredients like Vitamin B5, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C  and the fact that it is 99% Natural.

Wrap Buddies- This is one of those things that once you buy it you wonder how you ever got by without it! I can not count how many times I thought while wrapping gifts, that I needed a third hand, and Wrap Buddies has solved that problem. Holding my wrapping paper in place while keeping the tape dispenser nearby for easy access, this is a must-have product for all of those special occasions.

Boutique Texas Olive Oil-  I love to cook and one of my most used cooking must-haves is olive oil. I especially like the unique flavorings from the 1836 blend. It is grown in Asherton, Texas from Arbequiña, Mission, Picual and Tosca olives and boasts a mild, grassy flavor profile. It is raved and reviewed by several culinary industry giants like Master Chef Dino Ballerino and Chef Danny Trace. This top-shelf finishing oil is made with love and Texas olives. It is available in both 250mL and 500mL bottles. You can even sign up to the subscription service to make sure that you never run out of olive oil again!

Eddie Funkhouser Pro Brush Collection – I love that finishing touch that makeup adds to my facial features but I don’t always know how to apply it correctly. I have never really learned even the basics of makeup application but I was lucky enough to stumble onto a brand that makes it easy, even for someone as clueless as me.

Eddie Funkhouser makes it easy to look my best by offering high quality, beautiful products like a full line of amazing brushes. Hand-scored hair and expertly-sculpted brush heads are integrated into extremely durable metal ferrules, aluminum ferrules, then fused to premium hardwood handles and finished with multiple layers of lacquer for a lustrous piano black finish. Another thing that I love about Eddie Funkhouser is the ease of use and beautiful colors in the highlight & contour palette. Lucky for me the back of the package contains a cheat sheet tutorial for even a clueless mom like me to follow. Eddie Funkhouser Highlight. 

Another thing that I love about Eddie Funkhouser is the ease of use and beautiful colors in the highlight & contour palette. Lucky for me the back of the package contains a cheat sheet tutorial for even a clueless mom like me to follow.

Eddie Funkhouser High & Contour Palette – Each palette contains: Highlighting Creme, Contouring Creme, Toning Creme, Setting Powder, Contouring Powder, and a Finishing (“Glow”) Powder

Anti-Inflammatory Drinks for Health– 100 Smoothies, Shots, Teas, Broths, and Seltzers to Help Prevent Disease, Lose Weight, Increase Energy, Look Radiant, Reduce Pain, and More! No matter if you follow a strict diet or are just wanting to do better for yourself, this book is the best way to get yourself on track.

PBS KIDS HDMI Streaming TV Stick- First ever KIDS’ Streaming Stick for ages 2+. The PBS KIDS Plug & Play is the first kid-safe television & playtime educational streaming stick and first connected TV device to host the PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel and live stream. Plug the device into a television and power source to instantly enjoy PBS KIDS content. Connect to WIFI and access the PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel live stream.

Isn’t it a great feeling as a parent to have worry-free entertainment for kids in these scary digital days? PBS offers full-time entertainment that you can trust.

PARA’KITO Refillable Bands & Clips– Fun and stylish, these practical Wristbands blend safety with style. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, let your whole family stay protected together. The Cube Wristband comes with two refill pellets (15 days diffusion per refill). It’s even waterproof!

Nothing will put a damper on a fun afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather quite like a swarm of mosquitoes. I can not stand the itch of their bites and the worry of the sicknesses they carry. These wristbands are perfect for picnics, swim time, and all of those nights camping this Summer. Don’t head out for a night of camping without one for each member of your family.

smART sketcher Projector by Flycatcher– Be the smartest artist!. The smART sketcher® Projector injects fun into drawing, coloring and writing with a simple-to-use app or preloaded SD cards. Step-by-step instructions guide small or large hands through the entire process. Download photos from any smart device or insert pre-loaded themed activity packs. Crayons, markers, pencils, and music add finishing touches. Extension packs extend the play with more pictures, letters, numbers, and spelling activities. The possibilities are endless!

There is nothing more exciting than to see your children enjoying learning a new skill. This projector is the perfect way to help improve upon this fun talent and give your kids the ability to draw anything they can imagine!

Nordic-C [Valo] Beauty Drops and Micellar Water – My skin has been neglected lately and I knew that I needed to try something better than average when getting it back to its once beautiful self. I was really happy with the results of both the cleansing water and the beauty drops, my skin has never felt or looked better. Boost your skincare routine’s efficacy with a toner or beauty lotion to rebalance the skin’s pH for instant hydration.

SENTÉ Exfoliating Cleanser- One of my biggest issues is the build up of old dead skin cells and other toxins stuck inside of my pores. This SENTÉ® Exfoliating Cleanser is an exfoliating cleanser formulated with a proprietary blend of phytic acid, glycolic acid, and galactoarabinan to accomplish exfoliation of the skin with minimal irritation. It has allowed me to get deep into my pores to clean out all of the impurities and get my skin back to where it once was. I love the way my face feels whenever I use it!

Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Collection- I have always had curls, my mom had curls, and my daughter now has them as well. I like the look of them but it is not exactly easy to maintain since most products out there are not exactly made with curly hair in mind. That was until I found out about Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Collection.

Let your curls do the talking. Create a maximized definition with lasting elasticity and shine. Seal in moisture and eliminate frizz while providing manageable, lustrous locks that enhance your natural curls. Formulated with Rice Curl Complex-A blend of rice, keratin amino acids, and enzymes to hydrate, condition, protect, and enhance curl retention. Define, shine, de-frizz.

Clean Freak Dry Shampoo-  I am kind of new to dry shampoo, I always wondered how women went days without washing their hair. I usually wash my hair every day which turns out is not the best thing you could do for your hair’s overall health. It may even be the worst thing you could do. No wonder I have been so frizzy and dried out, thankfully I can have the clean feeling with the fresh smell without washing every single time I shower. This salon formula dry shampoo is the perfect thing to use in between washes! 

Hair Warrior Fitness Formula Treatment– Hair Warrior is a revolutionary hair care product that adds both hydration and protection during physical activity and fitness. Applied prior to activity, Hair Warrior works with your body heat to smooth, protect and condition each strand – preventing damage and strengthening your hair. When you don’t have time to wash and straighten your hair in between working out and going out. Having a bottle in your gym bag or making it habit to apply in the morning, this is a great way to keep your hair looking great.

Have you tried any of the products in my list? What are some of your picks for must-have products? Please tell me by leaving a comment below.

Tamara | This Mom's Delight

Wednesday 24th of April 2019

I need to invest in some new makeup. I am one of those moms, like you, that needs a little help. I will be using the cheat sheet tutorial.


Thursday 25th of April 2019

Yes! This is super handy to have and I am telling you, with Eddie Funkhouser, you will not be disappointed!