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Oral Health Tips for Families & Printable Brushing Checklist

I would like to think I take great care of my teeth as an adult but I haven’t always practiced good oral health in the past. I have had my fair share of cavities and dental procedures throughout my life which may be part of the reason that I take such good care of my teeth these days.

Good Oral Hygiene is very important for your overall health, it’s not all about having a pretty smile, it is important to understand oral health and its connection to your overall health. Ignoring oral plaque buildup can have serious consequences for your heart as well as your mouth. Plaque buildup can lead to blood clots, damage to vessels, and even heart attacks.

Despite knowing the dangers of bad oral health, as a kid, I just didn’t take my oral hygiene seriously which seems to be a common practice for a lot of kids. It’s hard to think about the consequences of something that will not really affect you until many years down the line. This was definitely the reason for my careless behavior and terrible brushing habits back then, I just didn’t think about the consequences.

As a parent, I take my daughter’s oral health much more seriously and have always encouraged her to not only brush her teeth regularly but to make sure she is doing it right. Sometimes kids tend to block out the repeated instruction from their parents so print these tips out and tape them by the bathroom sink to help remind your whole family how to practice good oral health.

Having a checklist to make sure that your kids are brushing properly can make a big difference. A simple reminder or just something to read while brushing can change your families oral health for the positive.

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