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Organize Smart

When trying to keep my house organized there are a few things I have found that make my life easier and a few things that I have found that make my life much much harder. It’s a constant battle around here because one minute I am working my hardest on a project and making an absolute mess and the other I am cleaning up after myself, upset that I ever made the mess to begin with. This is not the best formula to Organize Smart.

Organize Smart


One of my biggest organizational blunders has to be bins and storage containers. They are meant to help get you organized but it seems they never have what I am looking for in them and that causes me to dig through, pull out, and mess up the organization I once had. I have tried writing what is inside them for future reference but the contents changes depending on my needs for the containers and this method has proven unproductive. That was until I started Organizing Smart!

I was asked to review an item in exchange for my honest review from Appliance and I chose the Instant Chalkboard Vinyls. I love how versatile these peel and stick chalkboard vinyls are. I used them in several ways to organize my home.

Organize Smart


Having a reusable shopping list is life changing for me, I love being able to jot down a quick note or item I will need the next time I step out.

My memory is terrible so being able to actually have a way to keep track of things I need from the store is a great way to help me organize smart.

Organize Smart

Leave notes at your front door for your husband to pick up milk on the way home or a reminder for your wife about the meeting today. If the message was received, just erase it and you’re ready for your next reminders.


Labeling my bins with a chalkboard that can be erased and relabeled is a life saver for me. Now I can use a bin for old photos and when I finish my scrapbook and the bin is empty it can use it to hold office supplies.



My daughter has a reading corner in her bedroom and if you follow me on Instagram, you have seen the cool drawing she put on her calendar in the corner. She collects books and consumes them faster than most adults could so having a list of books she wants to read each week is a great way to keep track of what she wants to read next.



Labeling where each persons keys go on the key holder or labeling where their lunchboxes go, is a great way to Organize Smart. This way everything has a clear place to go and should you be running late in the morning, you can easily grab your items without a last minute search on your way out the door.

To find out more information about these great products and purchase your own, click here. 

Now one lucky reader will get a chance to win their very own set of 8 Vinyl Chalkboards just like the ones I reviewed above, just enter below for your chance. Tell a friend and make a deal if one of you wins, you can split the package!




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Jennifer Shelton

Wednesday 18th of March 2015

I absolutely love these! Thank you for the giveaway! Fingers crossed :)


Wednesday 18th of March 2015

I would love to have these for my kitchen and all over the house

Vanessa Richard

Wednesday 18th of March 2015

i think this would be a super cute way to organize my daughters nursery and sons room


Wednesday 18th of March 2015

With spring cleaning right around the corner it would be a great time to get these up in the house! My daughter's door and by the front door would be great places for them!


Sunday 15th of March 2015

Thanks for the opportunity! I love it <3