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5 Parenting Reminders You Need to Hear

Nobody said parenting was going to be easy but everybody does say that it goes by too fast and that they wish they could slow down time. I don’t know how to do that just yet but I do know how to take a step back and remind myself that as a parent sometimes a little perspective is all I need to step my game up.

These 5 Parenting Reminders are sure to give you a new perspective and help you overcome some of the struggles that parents face at one point or another.

Offer Support

It may be hard to remember what it’s like to be a kid at times, especially since you are now on the other side of things. It’s hard being a kid and even though you may not remember it very well, there was a time that you felt your parents just didn’t understand how difficult your life really was. As a parent, it is easy looking in from the other side of things but try to remind yourself of how it felt to go through these years, they may have been easier in comparison to where you are now but your kids are still trying to navigate their own way.

Take an Interest in Your Children’s Lives

Instead of always being on your kid’s case about what they should be doing with their lives, take an interest in what they already are doing, the things that they enjoy. Play a video game or watch a few youtube videos, no matter how uncomfortably mind-numbing they seem. Not only are your kids going to feel closer to you but you will actually get a glimpse into their lives, you may be surprised by the content they are consuming.

Parenting with a sense of humor

Set Limits

It can be hard to set limits for our kids especially when it comes to the things that we felt our own childhood was lacking. That can apply to anything in life from buying them every toy that hits the market because you felt like you were deprived of toys as a kid to allowing them to live without any restrictions because your parents treated you like a prisoner. Setting limits is very important and it will help your children live a more structured life. Take their age, maturity level, and attitude into consideration when setting limits. This is a good way to make sure that you aren’t giving them more than they can handle.

Don’t Back Down

As creatures of comfort we all tend to take the path of least resistance at times but what may seem like the easy way out now will only turn into more trouble than it was worth in the long run. When things get uncomfortable and kids begin to rebel against the rules you set, at that moment it may be easy to give in but don’t back down. It is essential in the parent-child relationship to establish that what you say goes, no matter how much they disagree.

Teen Fashion and Discussing Bullying

These are the Days You Will Miss

The one thing that always helps me make it through the hard times is knowing that someday I will miss these days, even the really hard ones. I remember feeling the pressure when my daughter was a toddler, all I wanted was for the day to come when she was potty trained. There was also the time that I was so desperate for a good night of rest when she was first born that I longed for the days that she would sleep through the night. I was so sleep deprived that I just went through the motions some days as we settled into our new lives as parents and now I miss having that little baby to take care of.

What have you learned along the way as a parent that you think would help another parent out? Please share by commenting below.



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Tuesday 15th of January 2019

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