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Tips for Planting Grass Seed & Spring Preparation

I have received a product in exchange for this post that shares Tips for Planting Grass Seed and my honest experience with the product. That in no way influences my outlook and as always, all opinions are my own.

My backyard went from a beautifully landscaped paradise with a bright green, thick layer of grass to a mud pit with very little growth of any kind. I have a couple of very active and crazy dogs that like to run through the yard at full speed ripping up clumps of grass as they cross to the other side. This goes on multiple times a day and as you could imagine, it has taken quite a toll on my beautiful lawn.

It has gotten so bad that we have very little grass left and made a path through the mud so we can avoid sinking when crossing our yard. Thankfully the dogs take this path most of the time as well so I feel like it is the perfect time to plant grass seed and get my yard back on track.

Planting Grass Seed

The biggest challenges I am facing with planting grass seed in my yard is the dogs of course but also the clay-like soil. Trying to loosen the top layer was borderline torture until The Martha Stewart Electric Garden Tiller and Cultivator arrived.

This garden tiller and cultivator features a powerful electric motor that pulverizes dirt and since it runs on an electric motor makes it virtually maintenance-free. It was also super easy to assemble, and I was thrilled to see the clear instructions that made the process painless. I was relieved to see the limited amount of parts that actually needed my assistance, most of the unit was assembled already.

One I read through the instructions and made sure that I was using the proper extension cord, I was tilling my yard. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get started tilling my yard.

When planting grass seed it is good practice to loosen the top layer of soil first. Using a tiller is a great way to speed up this process.

I was able to get the job done in a fraction of the time I originally thought it would take and it was so much easier than doing it by hand.

In about fifteen minutes the 375 square feet of dirt was ready for planting grass seed. I even had some extra time to till a garden area to grow flowers this Spring.

I have struggled with grass seed in the past, it usually blows away with the wind, is eaten by birds, or just plain doesn’t grow for some reason. I have tried many brands and it just never really came in the way I wanted it to and sod is apparently a costly option here in Cedar Rapids. Asking about this common hardware store item baffled the locals. I called a few places and even went into one to find out where I could buy it. The only place I could find that sells it is a sod farm but it comes with a pretty hefty price tag. I didn’t want to invest too much since my dogs will be doing everything they can to ruin it as soon as I spread it out in my yard.

So this time, I picked up a bunch of those rolls of grass seed, the ones that you see in random parks and on the side of the street. It kind of looks like something from Dr. Seuss and I wouldn’t mind at all if it grew out that color. I figured this is the best way to keep the seed in place despite my dogs and their antics mixed with the high powered winds.

The wind here in Iowa is no joke, as it turns out it is actually windier here than in Chicago which is known as the windy city, weird right? Apparently, Chicago is known as the windy city because of its shady politicians, not because of the weather. Anyone else feel like their whole life is a lie?

After tilling the space, I soaked the ground for a couple of minutes then rolled some strips of grass seed out.

While I did use stakes to hold the blankets of grass seed down, the wind was battling me the whole time and they just weren’t doing the job. So I began soaking each new row of grass as I rolled it out, this really helped to keep it in place.

The stakes just seemed to rip apart the blanket where I placed them so if I attempt to use a grass blanket in another area of my yard, I may omit them altogether. Watering the grass seed to make sure it stays in place turned out to be much more effective.

When preparing my garden for the Spring flowers, I removed all of the weeds from last year, tilled the area, and then planted bulbs, I am so excited to see them bloom! My backyard is looking better than ever thanks to my new favorite garden tool, the Martha Stewart Electric Garden Tiller and Cultivator. I highly suggest getting one to help with all of your gardening, it is a huge time saver and so much easier on your body. Don’t let the cord fool you, this thing packs a lot of power.

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What are you planting this year? Tell me all about your garden plans for the Spring by leaving a comment below, I can’t wait to hear about it!

Kimberly K Croisant

Friday 12th of April 2019

My backyard looks like yours. Not sure what we are going to do. Your idea here seems very manageable, and one that I might consider. Thank you.

Brianne Tursi Manz

Thursday 11th of April 2019

I can see this as a tremendous resource for people who are unsure about the process. We live in the city, where we don't have any grass, but nonetheless, this is a great post with great tips