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Get Your Home Organized & Prepare for Guests

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During the holiday season I have a lot of houseguests staying with my family overnight. I love having my family and friends stay with us, but usually it requires a lot of preparation.

To make my life easier and keep my home organized, I have started preparing for houseguests ahead of time. I rounded up all of the items needed to make my guests feel comfortable while saving space and staying organized at the same time.

These tips for getting ready for guests will save so much space!

When searching for products and ideas to help me stay organized as well as prepare for guests, I wanted something that would prevent me from digging through the closet at the last minute searching for linens, pillows and other guest essentials.

I headed to Lowe’s and picked up Ziploc® Space Bags® in several different sizes to ensure I can use them for all of my storage needs throughout my home. These bags provide 3 times the storage as compared to uncompressed storage volume, and they come in many different sizes.
Lowes Ziploc

These Ziploc® Space Bags® are not only saving space but they are also waterproof, airtight, and reusable! This makes it so easy to store all of my guest linens before and after they visit.

Organization tips for preparing for houseguests
When preparing for guests, I like to go above the typical blanket and pillow set up by offering a few more things to make them feel more welcome in my home.

I offer my guests a comfy bedding set with a comforter, sheet set, pillow and some extras like slippers and a fluffy robe. Keeping all of these items together has never been easier thanks to Ziploc® Space Bag® products.

Space Saver Tips

I was truly blown away by how much space I was actually saving and how organized my home is even when preparing for guests. I love being able to just grab a bag out of the closet and everything is as fresh as the day I put it in there.
Space Saving Tips
The top photo shows all of the items I wanted to store for my guests. The bottom photo shows the same items on the same shelf but now with all of the extra room, I was able to add other things to the shelf while also having more space left over.

These bags are so easy to use and it is so much fun to watch my bulky items shrink down to a more manageable size.
Ziploc Space Saving Bags
The first step is to fill your bag with all of the items you want to lend to your guests during their stay. Zip up the top, locate the valve on the front, then vacuum the excess air right out. It may turn into a family event once everyone sees how these work, it was kind of like a science experiment for us and we were really amazed at the results.
Ziploc Storage Space Saving Bags

This is one of those things that you really need to see to believe so I attempted to capture the amazing results in a before and after picture. I filled a Ziploc® Space Bag® with a robe and slippers, then placed it on a chair for a picture.
Organizing for Guests
After snapping the first photo, I just grabbed the vacuum and sucked the excess air out. I then placed the ready to store Ziploc® Space Bag® in the same place and snapped another picture.
Ziploc Storage System
I think the photos speak for themselves, but I am just going to tell you one more time that these things are amazing and I am saving more than three times the space. I couldn’t be happier with this product, and I suggest you pick up some for your guests linens to make the preparation for your house guests effortless.
Ziploc Space Bag

What items do you store for guests? I would love to hear your tips for making your house guests feel welcome. Be sure to click here for more space saving tips.

Cara (@StylishGeek)

Monday 21st of December 2015

I use this all the time and I love them! They give me all the space I need and they are so convenient and easy to use!

tiaras and tantrums

Sunday 20th of December 2015

It does take a lot of preparation to have guests over night during the holidays. we had 8 overnight guest for Thanksgiving for 3 nights and I was beat afterwards!!

Margarita Ibbott

Saturday 19th of December 2015

My other job is to be a professional organizer. It is hard but most of the time I just love these space saver bags. They are useful, come in A couple of different sizes and are durable.


Saturday 19th of December 2015

We have some of those vacuum bags for our winter clothes. They are very good to have around!


Saturday 19th of December 2015

These are some really great tips! It is always a great idea to be prepared!