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How to Raise a Bookworm

Some of us are naturally inclined to have our noses buried in a book and then some of us would rather do almost anything else.

An important role in becoming a life long bookworm is to develop a love for reading as a child.

Start early on in life and read to your kids when they are too young to even understand. I began reading to my daughter almost immediately upon bringing her home.

baby reading

You can always find time to read. When you are nursing, why not open a book and tell your baby a story? Or when they first lay down for a nap, start the tradition of reading to your kids before going to bed. This way when they get older it will already be a habit and they will look forward to this special time everyday.

Even if you don’t have a book available but have some time to read, make up a story or have one memorized for this occasion. Showing your kids that stories can take you on an adventure makes it a more exciting and appealing activity. Make the stories funny and they are sure to ask you to tell another one when you’re done.

kids reading

Take them to the library or the bookstore. The vast selection alone will have them grabbing books off the shelf and giving them a look. Help them find books about activities they enjoy.

You don’t have to read novels to be a bookworm! 

Let your kids read about anything they want even if it is Spider Man comics. When I wasn’t much of a reader at first but I started out with smaller books like Learning about Magic, and Where’s Waldo? They may not be novels but they are a great source of entertainment for those that are interested in these subjects and they are reading after all!

Playing games with your children that require reading will no doubt make them want to improve their reading skills. Everyone wants to beat mom and dad at a game of Scrabble.


Encourage any and all reading, even if it is the back of the cereal box. Just like with anything else, practice makes perfect.

Is your child an avid reader? Tell us about their journey and share your tips to help others.

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