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10 Tips for Raising a Healthy Dog

This post is sponsored by Wellness® and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help share information about the Wellness® CORE® RawRev™ raw food dog food but (ThirtySomethingSuperMom) only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Neither Wellness or PetSmart are responsible for the content of this article.

Having a dog in your family can be a great way to teach responsibility to kids and it is also a great way to get more exercise for the whole family.

It can be hard at first to get into the proper routine with your puppy but it is important to get into healthy habits early on so that you can raise a healthy dog over time.

The best way to make sure you are raising a healthy dog is to read everything you can get your hands on about raising puppies and to get educated from professionals about the proper nutrition, grooming habits, and daily maintenance for your dog.

A great way to get your dog started on the right track is to implement these 10 Tips for Raising a Healthy Dog.

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Proper Nutrition- Your pets diet is detrimental to their health much like how our diets are important to our health. Feeding our pets the proper diet is most important and thankfully the Wellness® CORE RawRev Dog Food makes it easy to just pick up a bag and feel confident that your pet is getting the proper nutrition to thrive.

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Safely feed dogs raw food

Exercise- There are so many ways to make sure your pet gets a chance to burn off that extra energy and stay in great shape. Going for regular walks, taking your pet to Petsmart to mingle, and even going for a jog a few times a week are simple ways to keep your pet in great shape.

Play- Another important step in making sure your pet is healthy is to make sure they get lots of play time. This is especially true for puppies but your dog will enjoy play time all the way through their senior years.

Preventive Maintenance- Get your pet on a heart worm preventive as well as a flea prevention regimen.

Vet Visits- Be sure to take your dog to the vet for vaccines, check ups, and be sure to have an emergency vets information in case your vet is unavailable during a time you may need them.

Proper Grooming- Regular bathing and brushing is important to the health of your pet. If you are unable to bathe your dog yourself, seek out a reputable groomer in your area. Nail trims are also important and can be done at home or if you are unable to trim your pets nails, a groomer or your vet will be able to provide this service.

Training- Picking up books and watching videos on training can help you get a pretty good understanding of the basics of dog training and will help you get your dog on the right track. If you feel your pet needs extra help from a professional, check with your local Petsmart about training options.

Safe Area- Make sure your pet has their own crate or bed to retreat to when they need alone time. Although crate training can be a struggle at first, your dog will learn to love their crate over time and will head to it on their own when they need a safe area to relax.

Companion- If you do not have any other pets for your dog to play with you may want to look into pet daycare or even take your pet to a local dog park to mingle with other pets.

Lots of Love- Spending quality time with your dog is very important. Giving extra hugs and kisses is always a great bonding experience between you and your pet. It’s good for your soul as well, so give your dog some extra love the next time you get a chance.

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Karlyn Cruz

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

Their health, just like for us, starts with what they eat. That dog is super cute by the way. I don't have a dog anymore but I wish I'd known this!

Nancy L.

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

Oh my goodness! What a cutie! Your tips are spot on. I can't tell you how my dog began to thrive once we got him a crate. It sounded so cruel, but he really does feel safe in there. Oh, and I love that CORE contains 100% real meat and no fillers. I always feel better when I am giving my dog nutritious, healthy dog food. I will look for CORE on my next visit to the pet store.

Sue Reddel

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

That dog is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I agree that having a dog and teaching your children all the ins and outs of how to care for your pet is a great way to foster responsibility and caring. It's also a lot of fun having a pet around too.

Bites for Foodies

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

What a doll!! I'm reading this and tears are coming to my eyes! I moved to Italy for a few years for my husband's work and we made the decision to keep my dog at home in Canada with my parents. He is 13 years old and we weren't sure about him taking such a long trip. It breaks my heart but I want to do what's best for him!


Tuesday 18th of July 2017

Great tips for pet owners. I never owned a pet but I can see how these tips can be similar to raising kids too. Definitely make sure they get their adequate vet visits!