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Tips for Raising Urban Chickens

This post sharing Tips for Raising Urban Chickens is brought to you through a partnership with Theisen’s. All opinions are my own. 

Raising Urban Chickens can be a rewarding experience that will go way beyond, just having access to fresh eggs.

Ever since my family moved to Iowa about five years ago, I have fantasized about the possibility of homesteading.

I love the idea of waking up to a rooster signaling me that it is time to milk the cow and gather a batch of freshly laid eggs from our chicken coup.

Growing up in New Jersey, the possibility of ever venturing into the Midwest seemed unlikely to me, I couldn’t even point out Iowa on the map in those days.

The picture I had in my head of what Iowa looked like is far from what it actually turned out to be.  Much to my surprise, not everyone has a farm, there are malls to shop at, and the communities are quite diverse.

Although I am enjoying the perks of city life, being close to shopping and entertainment is pretty important for my family, I still find myself longing for the picturesque farm life that I once dreamed of.

Then it occurred to me that I can have the best of both worlds, I can continue to live in the city and reap the benefits of farm life by Raising Urban Chickens.

If you want to take the homesteading plunge and raise Urban Chickens, there are some important things you need to consider.

Raising Urban Chickens

URBAN CHICKEN ORDINANCES- Every city has their own rules regarding the Raising of Urban Chickens. You may need to obtain a permit, pay an annual fee, or even take a class in order to raise chickens in your town. You will want to check with your local government to see specifics and learn about the municipal ordinances in your area.

SHELTER- Even in a fenced in yard, urban chickens will need suitable housing. This is something that you may want to discuss with your local government before making plans to build your own chicken coop. You can attempt to make one within their guidelines for your urban chickens or you can purchase a premade chicken coop at Theisen’s.

Make sure your shelter has enough space to house your chickens and plenty of space for nesting boxes. You will want to have at least one nesting box for every four hens.

Theisen’s has a great assortment of chicken coops with plenty of built-in nesting boxes for Urban Chickens, my favorite is the EZ Large Chicken Coop.

I like the bright red color and how easy it is to assemble with only one tool and in less than 30 minutes you are ready to house up to 15 Urban Chickens.

Theisen’s has everything you could need for Raising Urban Chickens and I love shopping there because everything is better with popcorn.

If you are lucky enough to live near a Theisen’s like I am, then you know how delicious their free popcorn is everytime you shop.

This is my favorite time of year to go to Theisen’s because I love visiting the baby chicks!

Those feathered fellas are fuzzy and lots of fun to look at!

Everyone crowds around them to get a peak and then there are the occasional rule breakers that insist on reaching over the Do Not Touch signs to pet them.

If only they knew that with just a few simple steps, they could have their own Urban Chickens to fondle without breaking the rules.

FOOD- There are many options when it comes to diet for your Urban Chickens because chickens are omnivores, so they eat grains, fruits, vegetables, insects, and on occasion, a mouse or two.

Baby chicks are fed a starter feed or mash, depending on their age, talking to an associate at the store is a great way to get started with the right products for your Urban Chickens. 

As your chickens age, you can offer them a premade food that offers plenty of vitamins, minerals, and proteins as well as scraps from your kitchen.

I was surprised to see how much adult chickens enjoy kale and watermelon, hand-feeding them these foods is always a good time.

It is best to give your chickens a well-balanced diet and avoid feeding them junk food with little nutritional value.

It is also a good idea to give your chickens access to food and water at all times.

BEDDING- There is a variety of bedding choices for Urban Chickens, over time you will find what works best for your setup.

Trying out different options will help you decide which type you prefer from things like straw and hay to woodshavings made from pine to cedar or even using repurposed materials like recycled paper.

Make sure to keep the area fresh by changing out soiled bedding regularly, this will become easier to track as your chickens age, baby chicks require more maintenance.

CLIPPING WINGS- Depending on the breed of your Urban Chickens, your backyard chicken setup, and your local ordinances, you may need to clip their wings regularly.

Some breeds can reach heights of about 10 feet and are able to span distances of fifty feet so keep that in mind when deciding if you are cut out for Raising Urban Chickens. 

Lucky for me, I have a friend named Bob who has been raising chickens for a few years now and he is a great resource for my urban chicken adventure.

Bob is the closest thing to a Chicken Whisperer that I know and he even has a favorite chicken that kinda looks like him, just like people with cats or dogs.

PERSONALITY- Just like with other pets, chickens have a personality and you may find yourself with an unexpected new best friend.

When caring for your Urban Chickens you will get to know each chickens’ personality and enjoy interacting with your new pets.

After all, they are providing you with fresh eggs and companionship.

Raising Urban Chickens does not have to be just a dream, you can make it your reality with a little know-how, your city’s approval, and a trip to the store.

Are you ready to make your homesteading dreams come true and begin Raising Urban Chickens?

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Daniel Scott

Saturday 28th of April 2018

Our town recently passed a bill allowing backyard chickens. My friend has some and the eggs are so much better than store bought.

ellen beck

Saturday 28th of April 2018

Our town is so backwards. First of all we live in town, but in a farming state! They are still arguing about chickens, it is so silly. I wouldlove to raise them and in years past almost everyone used to.

Our Family World

Thursday 19th of April 2018

I was born, raised and lived my entire life in the city. Like you, I dreamed of living the simple quiet life on a farm. It is nice though that you found a way to have part of that dream turn into reality. I wish I could raise urban chickens too. I will ask around if it would be allowed in the community where I live.


Wednesday 18th of April 2018

Our neighbors have chickens and I have always wondered how they take care of them. Good to know all these things about raising urban chickens.


Tuesday 17th of April 2018

A friend of mine raises urban chickens and she is always talking about how much she loves it. I have no clue about any of it, so it's great to get an overview to know if I could handle it. I think I could!

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