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Celebrating Summer Solstice on a Rainy Day

The Summer solstice occurs every June 21 and this year I had a bunch of plans for enjoying ever last minute of the extra sunlight that usually graces our presence on that very special day.

Unfortunately, my plans were interrupted as our Summer Solstice celebration was greeted with rain from the time we woke up and then continued sporadically throughout the entire day.

So as always we decided to make the most of the situation and celebrate our Summer Solstice on a Rainy Day.

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You may already know by now but just in case you don’t, we are foster parents to a cute little beagle puppy named Daisy. As you can imagine a puppy takes a lot of our time so our Summer Solstice celebration included a lot of puppy time for my family.

We tried our best to keep her occupied and out of trouble as well as worked on letting her burn off that crazy energy while being trapped inside the house for the day. As usual, there was a lot of playing while she was in crazy Daisy mode and before too long she is in Lazy Daisy mode where she sleeps so deeply, and so cute!

There were breaks in between the showers that allowed us to head outside for little excursions and see a bit of sunlight poking out from behind the clouds so we took advantage when we could. We took the dogs outside, went clothes shopping for an upcoming trip we are planning to Colorado, and even went for a quick bike ride.

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I didn’t get any clothes while out shopping, I just could not find a thing in the store that looked right on me. I think my least favorite thing to do has got to be clothes shopping so that is why the only time I do it is when our original plans were rained out and we needed something else to fill the time.

It’s really frustrating because I have to buy some clothes for our upcoming trip. I know we are spending time in the mountains, outside all day, so that means I have to buy some Summer clothes that will keep me from melting in the beautiful scenery.

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The only problem is that I hate clothes shopping, it’s pure torture in my opinion. First, you have to find an outfit that is hanging on a hanger which will never look the same on an actual body, head to a tiny room where you can barely fit the clothes you brought in let alone enough room to try each thing on. Then you are forced to analyze every inch of your body to determine if you want to hand over a chunk of your hard earned money to a huge corporation who doesn’t care that once is washed it will never look the same on you again anyway.

Then you are forced to analyze every inch of your body to determine if you want to hand over a chunk of your hard earned money to a huge corporation who doesn’t care that once it is washed it will never look the same on you again anyway.

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I was happy when we finally made our way through the whole store and gave up on the hope that we may find a good deal on something that actually looked right. I can’t be alone in this but I sure do feel that when every woman I meet is wearing the latest fashions and talking about how much she loves clothes shopping, that just isn’t me. I like to make money, not hand it over to someone else.

Once we were home we were able to enjoy our dinner which was already cooking thanks to the amazing invention of a Crock-Pot. Now that is more my speed, housewares! I love buying things that make my life easier and this Crock-Pot stirs the food for you so you really can just dump your ingredients in and expect dinner to be done when you need it without any more work. It saves me so much time being able to completely ignore the crock-pot all day while I enjoy other things on this rainy Summer Solstice.

After dinner was done and we threw our dishes into one of my other favorite appliances, our dishwasher, we baked the world’s softest chocolate chip cookies.

There is no better way to celebrate the end of a long day than with a fresh batch of chewy chocolate chip cookies! My daughter made them all by herself and I must admit, they are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. She really is quite the baker these days and even enjoys shopping for housewares just like her mom.

She even has her own mixer, which is used for slime recipes but either way, it’s pretty cool that she enjoys some of the things I have always loved.

I really enjoy spending the Summer Solstice with my daughter doing things that we both love like baking, playing with the dogs, and just enjoying spending time together.

How did you enjoy the Summer Solstice? Did you have better weather than we experienced here in Iowa or did you also try to make the best of it by Celebrating Summer Solstice on a Rainy Day?



Tuesday 27th of June 2017

Wow those cookies looks amazing. I love how your daughter helped out in that. I was a little baker too when I was younger.

David Elliott

Friday 23rd of June 2017

Daisy is such a cute puppy. He is absolutely adorable in the picture that you took. Puppys can be fun and high energy, but difficult as well. Love the chocolate chip cookies here. They do look amazing. Will have to make some the next time I have my daughter.


Friday 23rd of June 2017

You're not alone, I am not a huge fan of clothes shopping either. It's funny because I love fashion. I love seeing what other people are wearing. I just don't love buying clothes for myself, especially during the summer! Oh, and that sleeping puppy? Absolutely adorable!

Ali Rost

Friday 23rd of June 2017

The chocolate chip cookies look so good. Horray for your daughter for making them all by herself. It reminds me of me at that age. I remember my mom just letting me do my own thing in the kitchen as I worked my way through our church cookbooks (mostly the dessert section). (ps: I love your little puppy and thank-you for being a foster family. We're huge animal lovers at our house)

Tina Butler

Friday 23rd of June 2017

Our weather has been so hot and humid already ugh! We cook a lot on the grill and use the crock pot to avoid turning on the oven. What gorgeous photos and that sweet Daisy is so cute and comfy.