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How Stand Up Comedy Has Helped Me Accept Being an Introvert

When I was little, my family moved around constantly and sometimes my sister and I had to share a room.

On occasion, we would move into a larger house that would offer us each our own bedrooms, this meant that any of our shared property would be up for trades.

One year for Christmas, my sister and I got a television!

At that point, it was the best day of my life, up until that day that we moved into a bigger house and I traded a shared telephone line for my own beautiful television in my own glorious room!

As an introvert, the idea of having my own space was really exciting and getting my own television was the only thing that could top that.

It’s ironic that I traded a phone line which meant any contact with the outside world when not in school for a television which allowed me to cut myself off from everyone else and revert into a full blown introvert. 

Instead of battling for the shared television in our livingroom, I had full access to any stand up comedy shows that were airing during those sick days from school and those late nights where I hardly slept.

How was I expected to sleep when all of the really good shows came on at night?

I remember watching every stand up comedian that came on shows like Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Def Comedy Jam, Showtime at the Apollo, Comic View, and Premium Blend.

I was thrilled to stumble upon a new stand up comedy show and would watch the headliners, the warm up comedian, and anybody that was brave enough to stand on a stage and tell some jokes.

There are different styles of comedy and not everything is for everybody but I enjoy a broad range of comedians.

I have learned from watching different personality types that everyone sees things differently.

The only exception is that comedians all have one thing in common, they see the funny side of things and that changed the way I saw things in my own life.

That is How Stand Up Comedy Has Helped Me Accept Being an Introvert.

I learned that there are other people out there analyzing the things everyone does, says, and acts with a humorous take on it.

When I would naturally fall back in situations where others would partake, I was always taught to feel weird because I saw things differently and didn’t relate to anyone, ever.

Turns out I was just analyzing the situation and taking in the funny side in order to deal with things.

I was always the kind of person to burst out in laughter even during the most inappropriate times no matter how much I was trying to be respectful.

Even during a church service.

One time my mom, husband, daughter, and I were attending services at our local church and I noticed a girl walking the entire length of the church running her finger down the side of the marble walls.

She had on one of those parachute jackets and it made a lot of noise, everyone was distracted and I felt like she was being disrespectful.

I mentioned something to my husband about it because I could not ignore it and I was appalled. 

He also had something to say about it so we then turned to my mother with our annoyance for this girl who has clearly distracted us to the point of no return and we again accused this girl of being disrespectful to which my mother responded, “She’s blind!”

Immediately I realized how ridiculous this situation was and felt bad for the girl being blind of course but the idea that I was ignoring the obvious when accusing her, that she was rubbing her finger down the wall to find her way and that she was not at all being disrespectful or rude, and the fact that it was actually me being a complete idiot, put me in a hysteric state.

I could not stop laughing, it was loud and everyone was staring at us at this point, but I just couldn’t stop.

The entire situation is ridiculous to me still and it makes me giggle to this day.

My husband and mom joined in on the laughter before too long because it is infectious.

We ended up leaving the services early, at some point some of us were mortified by what had just happened and at other moments we were still laughing uncontrollably. 

I have always gotten through even the most traumatic moments in life with comedy and as an introvert, finding something that helps me cope, without requiring the help of others is wonderful.

Are you a fan of stand up comedy?