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How to Detect & Stop Heat Loss In Your Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for BlindSpotz. All opinions are my own.

Every home seems to have a draft in one place or another, that is not hard to determine. The hard part is trying to determine exactly where that draft is coming from and which areas of your home are most affected.

Thankfully there is a simple way to detect and stop heat loss in your home, it is called BlindSpotz.

I received these DIY Cold Sensors to set up throughout my home so that I can see which areas had drafts, cold posts, and lower temperatures than the rest.

I was pretty sure which areas would show to be colder before I ever placed the BlindSpotz sensors in my home but I still didn’t know exactly where those drafts were coming from until after using BlindSpotz.

Heat Loss in Home BlindSpotz

That is why a lot of people pay for an energy audit which can cost between $300 and $500.

Not only is that expensive, the contractor will come when it is convenient for him (the middle of a single day) not when it is the best time to figure out where your problems lie (usually at night or on a colder day).

BlindSpotz is a completely new way to think about home efficiency testing.

You do it yourself.

The results are simple and obvious.

Just open up the package, place the BlindSpotz sensors throughout your home, by doors and windows, cabinets, and other openings that may be susceptible to drafts and wait.

Heat Loss in Home BlindSpotz

The temperature is recorded when the color bar is activated. As more colors appear, the bigger the cold issue you have.

When you see 55˚F or 50˚F on your BlindSpotz™ sensor, you have a cold problem that needs to be fixed.

You will then take photos of the sensors and send them in.

The next thing you will receive is a variety of solutions to fix your energy problems as well as a coupon at participating retailers and contractors.

Heat Loss in Home BlindSpotz

When I placed the sensors throughout my home I noticed right away as I placed them on the walls, cabinets, and doors, that I could feel the cold spots but I wasn’t sure exactly how much heat was leaving my home until I got the reading after letting the sensor sit in place for the recommended time.

Heat Loss in Home BlindSpotz

There were some areas that I placed a sensor where I had no idea what the results would look like and I was excited to find out.

It turns out that there are quite a feel cold spots in my home and lots of drafty areas that are costing me extra on my utility bills.

Now that I have recognized where I have drafts in my home, it is time to remedy the situation and stop the heat loss.

If you are still wondering, What are BlindSpotz? Check out this video to find out more info and head over to their website by clicking here. 

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BlindSpotz Cold Sensors

cindy mahoney

Monday 26th of February 2018

My front hallway is always cold, but not really sure where it's coming from. My electric was 550.00 last month how is that possible!!


Saturday 24th of February 2018

Sure do! The windows could be updated, also cold in the basement.


Sunday 18th of February 2018

We are renting a two story house with high ceilings and there are sooo many drafts! It's a beautiful house but I hate the heating bill for sure right now.

Jessica Miller

Tuesday 13th of February 2018

My bedroom is the one room in the house that gets so cold while the other rooms dont. Then if you close the door it can get as low as 60 and its freezing! I really would love to see this