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Enjoying Thanksgiving & Living in the Moment

Every year when the holidays come around, it seems like an exact replica of the year before and instead of sweating the small stuff this year, I am going to try something new. I am going to try to actually enjoy every part of it, that is the only way to really live in the moment for me. I don’t know why but holidays especially give me anxiety. I love being around my family but there is just something about the holidays that makes me feel uneasy. I have never really been able to pinpoint it, but there is some kind of panic inside of me this time of year and I am kinda sick of it.

Time really goes by so fast and even in those hard times when things seem like they are never going to get better, they do. It’s like the famous saying, This too shall pass. No wonder so many people have that stitched on pillows and weird little mesh things hung on the wall.

For me, the hardest part of living in the moment has been not focusing on the wrong thing. I tend to let the anxiety get to me and focus on the next thing to help me get through the hard one. I didn’t realize that I was doing this all of the time, anxiety kept creeping up and I kept pushing it down with the thoughts of this moment, experience, or day being over. This Thanksgiving, I am going to force myself to see the silver lining in things, not everything has to be perfect for you to truly enjoy your time.

I am going to be thankful for every single thing an remember the important things like spending a lot of quality time with my family. My brother moved to Iowa a few years back and we still haven’t seen each other more than we did when he lived 4 hours away. My daughter is more excited about her Uncle Mike coming over to hang out than she is about the food. So I am thankful that we get some time together even if the rest of the year seems to get away from us when it comes to fitting visits into our schedule. The holidays are a good reminder to spend some time with people you love that you don’t see much throughout the year.

When it comes to all of the work involved with this holiday, I am going to remember how much I really enjoy cooking and cleaning. I really do enjoy cooking and cleaning, I know that sounds weird but they are actually my favorite things to do to relieve stress, nothing makes me feel better than a clean kitchen full of goodies. If a spill happens or a recipe gets ruined I won’t sweat it because I can look at it as a second chance to do something I normally enjoy anyway.

I think I got that from my grandma, she is the only other person I know that always loved to clean. We used to spend so much time just cooking and cleaning together when I was a kid. Although she is gone I still kind of feel like she is there with us when we all get together for the holiday. I can still hear her voice and know exactly what she would say in each scenario. She enjoyed the holidays and getting together with the family. Everyone enjoyed seeing her too because she was an amazing woman and I am going to try to be more like her this Thanksgiving.

That’s why I will not be posting again until the following week. I am going to take some time off to truly enjoy some quality time. I am going to clean my house, play games, try new recipes, listen to music, and enjoy every moment of it. I think everyone could benefit from doing that every so often and this is the perfect time for it. Happy Thanksgiving!