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Top 7 Gifts for Dogs

When gift shopping this holiday season be sure to include your dog when picking out the best present for each loved one. After all your  dog is the most love able and loyal member of your family all year long. To help you on this venture I have created an easy to follow guide with the Top 7 Gifts for Dogs this holiday season.

Top 7 Gifts For Dogs

A new outfit  

Update your pets clothing for those cute holiday pictures or just buy them a warm sweater for those really cold day’s.

Top 7 Gifts For Dogs


Every dog loves receiving a treat as a reward so why not let your pooch know how much you care with a bag of biscuits. If you are really in the holiday spirit, you can get the kids involved and make a batch of homemade pet treats.

Top 7 Gifts For Dogs

A Bone

There is nothing more natural than a dog chewing on a bone. Be sure when purchasing these that they are made in America and only give them to your pet when you are able to supervise their chewing. That’s a good way to see them enjoy your efforts, too.

Top 7 Gifts For Dogs

A Squeaky Toy or ummm… a Hat

No matter how your dog decides to use this gift, a squeaky toy is usually a favorite. My dog gets super excited when he hears that sound and can’t wait to get his paws on a  new squeaky toy every Christmas.

Top 7 Gifts For Dogs

Stuffed Animal 

The best thing about getting your pet a stuffed animal for a gift is how cheap they are. You can go to the thrift store and fill up a bag of these things for under $5 and your dog will really feel special!

Top 7 Gifts for Dogs

A Tennis Ball

Playing fetch with a tennis ball can be a great way to not only interact with your pet but it also helps get them up an moving. We all need a little incentive to get those extra steps in everyday.

Top 7 Gifts for Dogs


Just because it is freezing outside doesn’t mean your pet doesn’t want to play. Even in the Winter time a round of Frisbee can be fun for everyone to join in on. This is the perfect gift for any energetic canine companion.

Picking up a few of the gifts from this list of Top 7 Gifts for Dogs is a great way to include your pet into the holiday spirit. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Juliana Rezaiezadeh

Monday 19th of January 2015

Such a cute post! Love the pictures and ideas!


Monday 19th of January 2015

Thank you Juliana!


Sunday 14th of December 2014

These are great ideas thanks

Mommy Materials

Friday 12th of December 2014

Great ideas, #6 is one of my simple favorites. We have 3 pups in the house and never enough tennis balls.

Sarah Halstead

Friday 12th of December 2014

Oh my gosh. Cute photos. My dogs would love the bones for sure.