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Traveling With Pets & Cleaning Up After the Trip

I recently purchased a new car and the first thing I did was load my hairy dog into the back and took him for a ride. My husband thought I was crazy because instead of having a spotless and hair free car I now had a complete film of dog hair over the entire interior.

My car no longer looked new or smelled new but I knew it couldn’t stay new forever and my dog loved that ride in his new car, with a sun roof. As I signed the papers at the dealership all I thought about was how much my dog resembled Marmaduke and how cute it will be when I let him stick his head out of the sunroof.

Fast forward to the busy holiday travel season, my family and I are all dressed up out visiting family for the holiday’s. I was wearing black leggings, my daughter had black stockings and my husband had black khaki’s. Little did any of us know that when we arrived to our destination we were bringing more than just gifts. As we sat on the couches of our non pet lover relatives, we noticed the extra hair we had brought along. It stuck to all of our clothes, showed up embarrassingly well on our black and has now been transferred to our relatives furniture.

How embarrassing! Since this was all my fault, I knew I had to be the one to fix the problem. I enlisted the help of some extra powerful Lint Rollers that I was asked to review in return for my honest opinion.

Traveling With Pets Giveaway

Evercare not only invented the lint roller but they have perfected it over the years. The original lint roller is a great way to remove fur, hair, and lint but with the new line of products from Evercare you can make quick work of even the hairiest of jobs!

I cleaned out my car quickly and easily without even breaking out the vacuum. The fur erase extra sticky lint roller & brush removes fur 2x faster. I used the rubber brush to lift the hair that was embedded into the carpeting in my car. Then I used the tape roller to remove residual fur and disposed of it easily.

Traveling With Pets Giveaway

Just to add a non canine smell to my car I grabbed the Evercare pet giant lint roller with the fresh scent and ran over all the surfaces to ensure a good clean. My car was now free of hair and smelled better than ever!

I was in a groove and decided not to stop just yet, I moved on to bigger and better projects throughout my home that needed a little help. I used the Evercare Pet Fur Erase extra sticky refill to quickly remove all of the dirt and pet hair from my super sticky micro fiber floor mats that are like magnets to filth.

The Evercare Pet mega lint roller is great for a larger surface and can easily clean rugs, beds, and furniture. It is especially handy for staircases and other hard to reach surfaces. I was able to easily extend the pole to 43 inches and reach curtains that proved my dog is non hypo-allergenic and sheds like crazy.

Now I am going to keep an Evercare Lint Roller in my car at all times. This way when I have my pets traveling with me, or just their hair, I can look my best with a quick twirl of the lint roller..

Traveling With Pets Giveaway


Wednesday 14th of January 2015

This would be great to have around the house! I have a dalmatian and they shed like crazy year round!

Melissa Mazzur

Wednesday 14th of January 2015

I would get the most use out of this product in my car! I take Sassy with me wherever I go but the hair sure adds up!

Kim Ann

Tuesday 13th of January 2015

I would use this most in the house.

Becky T.

Tuesday 13th of January 2015

Definitely in my car and on my clothes!


Tuesday 13th of January 2015

love this giveaway!! My pug sheds like crazy!!!!