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Valentine’s Day Craft

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I haven’t posted any crafts or decorated my home yet. I was feeling the pressure today and decided to post a Valentine’s Day Craft that everyone can do especially if they are as far behind as I am. If you are looking for a challenging craft that requires lots of supplies and takes days to make, this is not it! This is a fun and easy Valentine’s Day Craft and the only supplies needed are a picture frame, markers, and a picture of you and your loved one. I chose to use Sharpies because I absolutely love them and my husband just bought me a brand new package of them for crafting.

This Valentine’s Day Craft can be designed however you want, I am just giving you the extra push you need to get crafting and decorating for this holiday with a little inspiration.

I first grabbed a plain basic wooden frame so I could have a fresh new surface to create my masterpiece.

Valentine's Day Craft

I grabbed my markers and a photo of my husband and myself snuggling under a blanket his Aunt made for us and got to work.

Valentine's Day Craft

I first started with stripes going down the front of the picture frame in a dark pink color. I love the way it looked even if I stopped and didn’t fill in the entire frame but I decided to continue.


After filling in the entire front face of the frame with stripes I started writing words in cursive. Since this is a Valentine’s Day craft, which can be used as a great gift for a loved one, I used the words love and always.

Valentine's Day Craft

I then just drew a few goofy hearts around the words and on top of the stripes to add a little more pop. I loved the way it turned out and think I may create a whole collection to display for Valentine’s Day. This would be a great way to get the kids involved in creating memories and displaying them or giving them as gifts. I hope you enjoyed this Valentine’s Day Craft and wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine’s Day!