It's so easy to make baby back ribs in an air fryer, you will wish you tried it sooner!

What You Will Need

Baby Back Ribs Garlic Powder Cayenne Pepper Italian Seasoning Onion Powder Your Favorite BBQ Sauce

Set the power air fryer at 300 and cook the ribs for a total of 2 to about 2 and a half hours. This usually depends on the thickness of the ribs and how crisp I want the outside to be. I cook for about 1 hour and then flip them, then cook for another hour. Take them out, add more barbecue sauce and remove the top layer of foil to give the outside layer a little bit of a crust. This usually only takes about 20- 30 minutes. You can turn up the heat to make this part quicker or raise the rack to place the ribs near the heating element. This will do a pretty quick job of crisping up the outside so be sure to watch it and make sure it doesn't burn.