Easy Recipe from Fresh Strawberries

How to Make a 10 Minute Strawberry Jam Without Pectin

This 2 Ingredient Strawberry Jam is made with honey instead of granulated sugar. It uses no pectin or lemon and the best part is that it can be made in under 10 minutes!

With dozens of cultivars to choose from, each bringing its unique charm to the table, not all varieties are created equally. For the best strawberry jam, opt for the freshest berries available.

Avoid frozen berries, as freezing can halve the pectin content in strawberries, which are already naturally low in pectin.

Since pectin diminishes as the fruit ripens,  using slightly underripe fruit helps to  achieve the desired jam consistency.  Avoid the overly green, tough, and unsweetened berries.

Honey can contribute to the setting of jam. While it doesn’t contain as much pectin as traditional granulated sugar, it does have some natural pectin and can help thicken the jam.

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