This low carb recipe is perfect for those rainbow cookie cravings without  the guilt.

These keto rainbow cookies are a delicious low carb version of the popular Italian cookie known by many names.  .

You may have heard these cakelike cookies called seven-layer cookies, tricolor cookies, Venetian cookies, or even Italian flag cookies.  .

Making this delightful keto rainbow cookie recipe is easier than you think despite the process of crafting several cookie layers.  .

Creating the layers is as simple as mixing the batter than splitting it up in three identical sized bowls.

With the help of green and red food coloring, these cake like cookies not only taste like traditional rainbow cookies, they look like them too.   .

The jam in the center layer of the rainbow cookies helps hold them together while adding to the bold flavor of this low carb dessert.

The chocolate spread on the top and bottom layers finishes off this cookie cake with a rich rewarding flavor.

You will love this keto rainbow cookie recipe for Christmas cookie platters, Thanksgiving dessert, or anytime the craving hits.

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