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Wholesome Organic Meals for the Family, Made Easy

I have received product in exchange for my honest review, this post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

I have always been a firm believer in the phrase, you are what you eat, well kind of. I don’t believe if you eat a vegetable full of pesticide that you somehow magically transform into a vegetable full of pesticide.

If you eat unhealthy foods, your health declines rapidly. 

It can be hard to select the best ingredients for your meals, thankfully there are companies like Green Chef who do all the leg work for you and make cooking delicious wholesome organic meals for your family easy.

All you have to do is select the type of meals you want your family to receive and when the ingredients arrive in the mail, the fun begins.

Even when you receive ingredients for more than one meal you are able to easily pick out the ingredients for each meal due to the genius color coated labels on each item.

My favorite wholesome organic meal from Green Chef was Green Pasta & Meatballs, yum! I grabbed the recipe sheet and got started as soon as I opened the box.

I grabbed the rosemary and thyme to remove the stems but I did this part slowly because the smell from these herbs was amazing. I immediately thought about how I need to have an herb garden because I want my house to smell like this all of the time, not just while I am cooking.

My next step was making the meatballs and popping them into the oven. This step was pretty easy as I have made meatballs a million times but I have never used the Greek seasoned breadcrumbs in the past, now I can’t see myself cooking without it.

Once all of my meatballs were formed and baking, I moved onto the sauce using the aromatics and some fresh tomatoes, all of this was provided in the box from Green Chef.

I was completely satisfied with all of the fresh ingredients provided to make my family a wholesome organic meal.

The quality of the products sent amazed me and I was also really impressed with how they thought of everything.

The only ingredients I used in this meal that wasn’t sent over was salt and pepper. It didn’t matter if the meal required it for the taste or not because I was excited to use my new Gravity Pro Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder Set.

I love that at a push of a button I can add a delicious flavoring of sea salt or fresh peppercorn to any meal. It’s so simple to adjust from fine to coarse, depending on your preference. Also, the light that shines when grinding is such a cool feature.

I added a little of both of these seasonings and plated my Green Chef Meal of Greek Pasta & Meatballs. I was excited to try it but I was able to hold off for just a second so I could snap a quick photo.

Head over to Green Chef  and start serving your family wholesome organic meals without all of the legwork!

Mike B

Saturday 4th of March 2017 I'm hungry. Great idea.