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Why I Chose Homeschooling & Why I Want to Do It Again

When I first heard the results of my pregnancy test, everything I did from that moment on, was in the best interest of my daughter and it still is today.

When she was just a few months old we bought our first house with plenty of room to suit our growing family.

When it was time to send her to pre-school we researched extensively to find the best school we could.

It turned out that the best pre-school in the area was also the most expensive, imagine that, so we did what we had to do in order to afford the tuition.

We started an ebay store that allowed us to pay for tuition without worrying about money, plus we were able to work at night so it didn’t take away our precious family time.

When it came time to start thinking about Elementary School we were hesitant about sending her to any of the schools available in our area or any school for that matter.


We lived in the Chicago suburbs and our neighborhood changed from a desirable place to raise a family to a place where crime was a daily occurrence, so we began looking into selling our house even if that meant losing close to $60,000 in the process so that we could relocate to another state.

Until we were able to sell our home, we decided that homeschooling was our best option to lay a solid foundation of learning the basics and keep her safe from the dangers that this world would eventually bring to her like it does us all at one point in time.

Unfortunately, I knew that I had to set her free into this world someday but I wasn’t ready to do it just yet, I wanted to give her the best chance possible in life so I homeschooled her for a couple of years.

We found that we were able to speed through the curriculum and she was testing years ahead of the grade she was actually in.

The ability to focus on the important subjects and speed through the rest is one of the reasons that homeschooling is such a great option for families, although it seemed that this was not a popular opinion.

When we decided homeschooling was the right thing for our family, we were immediately met with lots of criticism from extended family and friends.


Everyone came at us with the usual myths and complaints that homeschooling families hear.

You can’t homeschool, you are not a teacher.

You shouldn’t homeschool because it is not the normal thing to do and it will make your kid weird.

What about socialization? How will she make friends or learn to interact with people?

Yes, my family and friends actually said these things to me and believe it or not, a lot of homeschool families hear these same things all of the time.

Thankfully I was smart enough to know what was right for my family and knew that all of the doubters were wrong, as usual.

These same people have been doubting me my entire life and I have yet to prove them right so of course, I went ahead with the homeschooling plan.

It turned out that homeschooling for a couple of years was the best decision for my family and my daughter continues to thrive in school now.

Once we sold our home and moved to an area with a highly rated school district here in Iowa, we sent our daughter to school again.

The decision to stop homeschooling was based on two very important factors.

One was the obvious socialization issues that everyone warned us about, I guess I did let some of what they said get into my head but I also wanted what was best for her and since this was an area she was struggling with, I decided it was something we needed to correct.

I also wanted to make sure that when she reached the harder curriculum that included advanced classes like algebra, that she was taught by a qualified professional.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t think homeschooling can be taught properly at home.

I strongly believe that there are parents out there who excel in mathematics and they would benefit from teaching this to their kids but I am not one of them.

In order to do what is best for my daughter I decided to enroll her in the best school I could find after years of many of research.

We sold our home in Illinois and bought our dream home in Iowa.

The first piece of mail we received at our new address was a nationally circulated family magazine and on it was a teaser about the 10 Best Places to Raise a Family.

When I opened up the page to the story listing the 10 Best Places to Raise Your Family to see the name of the town we just moved to, I knew it was meant to be and that all of our hard work had paid off.

We were once again doing the best we could for our family despite what all of the haters said.

Oh yeah, they were at it again and believe it or not they are still hating on occasion but I stopped caring, like at all what anyone else thought of my life.

The only issue that I still struggle with daily is the decision to send my daughter to school.

I think about turning the car around every single morning on the way to drop her off and get back to homeschooling.

It is a scary place these days because of the things kids are exposed to due to lack of parental guidance and quick access to even the most disturbing content online.

I am reminded of how differently everyone parents when I hear vile things come out of kids mouths and see the kind of crap they get away with.

This isn’t just Iowa either, I feel like the entire planet has collectively lost their freaking minds!

I think about how hard I worked to keep my daughter from being exposed to inappropriate things and seeing things that were not age appropriate, only to eventually send her to school where everyone else suffers from a serious lack of parenting and an overabundance of bad behavior.

That was a disappointment but I expected it because it seems that these days a lot of kids are lacking the guidance they need from their parents.

What I didn’t expect was the lack of basic common sense from her teachers and the other people who are in charge of our kids at school.

One of her substitute teachers was told by a student that it was Wednesday, which is known as Hump Day and she told the whole class, “Yesterday was hump day for me”.

In a group of adults hanging out this would be a funny thing to say but when it is to a classroom of sixth graders, it shows a lack of good judgment and poor taste.

Another thought that creeps into my head when contemplating homeschooling again is the almost daily occurrence of new stories involving a teacher involved in sexual relationships with their students.

and it makes me wonder

Is this happening more due to the overall lack of decency the general public inhabits or is it just that we are finding out about it more due to social media and the instant ways we now communicate with the entire world?

The scariest of scenarios that go through my mind when driving her to school each morning is the real possibility that she may never return which seems more real with every mass murder that occurs these days.

Things like this happen more often every day and that is why I homeschooled & why I am thinking about doing it again.

What are your thoughts on homeschooling your kids? Is it right for your family? Why or why not?




Saturday 7th of April 2018

I homeschooled all three of my three kids from 1989 through 2007. Now two of them are married with children and are homeschooling their kids. I went through the Cedar Rapids program. They have both open enrolled to the Marion program, which is a much better program than Cedar Rapid's program ever was. Marion program is much more family friendly that caters to the needs of the family. Cedar Rapids program was run more like a public school system, trying to adapt. I will never look back and regret those years and see them as an investment that will have a good return. It will not only affect their life but the lives of generations to come. We toured just about every place in Cedar Rapids that would open their doors. They got a much better education than I received. I hated school, which made me hate learning. My goal was to teach them to learn and give them a love of learning, rather than teaching them to take tests. They always scored several grades higher in the ITBS and ITED tests. My youngest did more of the 'unschooling" model. He learned about what he was interested in, which expanded to every other subject.

If you are thinking about homeschooling again, definately take a hard look, the Marion program. Public education is getting downright scary, not just with the drugs, but with gender issues and a whole boatload of other issues. My worst day homeschooling could never compare to these situations to put my kids through.


Sunday 8th of April 2018

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a helpful comment. It is really cool to hear from someone who has homeschooled and I am definitely going to look into the Marion program. I appreciate all of this info and learning about how homeschooling has worked so well for your family. It is getting harder to send her to school each day and I am excited about the possibilities that the area offers.

Monica Y

Thursday 5th of April 2018

We home-school. We started 4 years ago and we love the day we decided to start. We have been able to offer our son the education he deserves and he is now so advanced compared to where he was before. I always say I wish each family had the same opportunity we had

Reesa Lewandowski

Thursday 5th of April 2018

There are so many pros and cons to both. I think about homeschooling a lot, but I think for my kids it is better for them to get out of the house and be taught by someone else. Best of luck with your daughter!


Thursday 5th of April 2018

Your reasons to homeschool are just as valid as my reasons to homeschool. Actually, I see some similar reasons. I sent my older two to public school and regretted it. I have a third child (much later in life) and we have just begun the homeschooling journey.

Pedro De Pacas

Wednesday 4th of April 2018

It is a fact that the average homeschooled student is far advanced acedemically over the average school student. Also just because a private school is expensive does not make it a good school, it just allows them to further push their own agenda! If you are worried about social skills there are plenty of options for extra-curricular activities to get your child involved in. I am a huge fan of homeschooling and I have a future leader as a child that is a product of it. Americans should be ashamed of what they have allowed school to become. Everybody is so afraid to offend someone else that nothing gets done correctly and longer! Our current school system is a disastrous joke!