Keto Wrap Idea  Roast Beef  Cheese Melts


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This easy keto meal comes together in minutes, using only one pan. 

-sliced roast beef  -provolone cheese  -peppers -mozzarella -butter -cream cheese -onions -low-carb wraps


-Hot Peppers  -More Meat -Ketchup  -BBQ Sauce -Ranch Dressing -Hot Sauce -Au Jus Sauce

Optional Topping Ideas

Heat a skillet on medium heat, then add a buttered tortilla to the pan, buttered side down.

Place roast beef slices on top of the tortilla and then add the cheeses.

Place another buttered tortilla on top & wait a minute or two for it to cook before flipping it for the first time. Press down on the tortilla while cooking. This will spread everything around and force the cheese together to create perfect sandwich wraps in just minutes.

When flipping the wrap, watch for a golden-brown crust on both sides and check if the cheese is melted before removing it from the heat.

For optimal freshness, consume leftovers within 2-3 days. To prevent sticking, store leftovers in an airtight container with parchment paper.  If you choose to use plastic wrap, ensure the roast beef melt cools to room temperature before wrapping and storing. 

Reheating Tips To reheat, simply place it back in a greased frying pan and heat up on low heat for a minute or two.  Just long enough to get the ingredients hot but not cook the outsides even more as they will already be brown and crispy.

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