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DIY Homemade Air Freshener Recipe

At this point, I think it is pretty well known that store-bought air fresheners can be full of harmful chemicals and it is best to make your own air freshener at home.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t freshen your home naturally, you can easily create your own Homemade Air Freshener. 

Whether you have pets that leave a bad smell behind or you have the oh so dreaded unannounced company coming over and your home could use a quick freshen up before you answer the door.

Or maybe you have recently burned popcorn or have a stack of dirty laundry that you are trying to keep hidden and unwashed for some reason, whatever the reason is, you will want a good Homemade Air Freshener Recipe to neutralize the odor in your home.

I like to keep all of my DIY projects pretty basic and this one is especially an easy DIY because it is made from things you probably already have in your house.

All you need to make this Homemade Air Freshener is a spray bottle, Baking Soda, Your Favorite Essential Oil, and Purified Water.

I have always been the type of person to keep things in case I have a use for it later.

Usually, this behavior just results in a pile of random objects that even the people from the show Hoarders would throw away yet I still save broken forks and spray bottles.

Then there are times like these when I repurpose something that would have usually ended up in a landfill.

You know that “I told ya so” moment when you actually find a use for the thing that everyone called garbage and you can’t wait to stick it to them.

I had that moment when I came across an old body spray that was the perfect size bottle for me to make a DIY Air Freshener with.

This bottle is 4.2 ounces but you can easily double this recipe to make more or even triple it.

Add 1/2 Teaspoon of Baking Soda to the bottle and drop in about 10 drops of your favorite Essential Oil, I use Rose most often because I just can’t get enough of that scent.

Now, shake it up! Twist and shout.

DIY Homemade Air Freshener Recipe

Add in 4 ounces of purified water and shake everything together until well combined.

If you decide to double this air freshener recipe make sure you give the bottle a shake occasionally to make sure all of the ingredients are mixed well after sitting.

The loner your Homemade Air Freshener sits, the better the chance that the ingredients have separated and could use a quick shake.


Do you make your own Air Freshener at home? If so, what is your favorite essential oil to add in?

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Antoinette M

Friday 8th of June 2018

What a great alternative to the product I buy in the store. Thanks for the recipe!

ellen beck

Wednesday 18th of April 2018

You and I could be best buddies. I save random things all the time knowing I will use it ! I had no clue baking soda was in freshener. It does mak sense though. And guess what> I have a few empty spray bottles just waiting for a new life.


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

That's fantastic! There is nothing more exciting than finding out you have the supplies you need for your next project on hand!

Cherri Megasko

Wednesday 31st of January 2018

I never would have thought to make my own air freshener but it makes perfect sense. I would probably go with more of an outdoorsy scent, like pine or eucalyptus.


Wednesday 31st of January 2018

What a fun idea! I bet my kids would like to make this into a project and create them.

Amber K

Wednesday 31st of January 2018

Your photos alone make me want to do this! I love how simple it is to make your own air freshener, now to stock up on EO!